Island Defenders (Conceptual, Testers welcome)

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Hello all.

I am working on a game called "Island Defenders", It is currently in the conceptual phase and slowly progressing to alpha.
The game is a RTS type with more focus on managing structures/weapons rather then units like most classic RTS games.

Starting out on a cluster of floating islands, you must expand and establish a strong economy.
Using shields, Tesla turrets and a variety of other defensive systems to reinforce your base. Use weapons ranging from rockets to devastating bombardment to gain the advantage above your foe.

Below is a small clip showing the gameplay and some of the fun destruction.

the game in its current state only supports multiplayer (using steam) and testing this thoroughly with a few friends is extremely difficult, so I have come here to ask if anyone would be interested in becoming a tester.

Anyone interested in assisting, please join the discord server and leave a message in the "become a tester channel". I will then supply you with a steam key to download the game.
Having testers that can play once every two weeks or more would be massively beneficial to the development.
I use a Discord server to keep track of bugs, suggestions and keys for the testers.
Discord Link:

I always appreciate feedback, however I am aware that I am not really posting enough content for feedback on the forum.
In the current state of the game there is no single player option, and I use the steam sdk for matchmaking. This limits me from actually uploading a demo here for feedback.

If you are interested in seeing more and do not have the time to commit to actually playing, ask away of what you would like to see and I will post it here.

Thank you for sparing some time reading this!
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