Train Jam to Playtopia - 1 December 2019

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Hi all, finally, Train Jam details!

here's a summary:
- Train leaves 1 Dec
- Going to Playtopia
- 20 sponsored seats for those who would like assistance, apply on the link, application closes 31 Oct.
- 25 sold tickets for those who can support the initiative, buy tickets at eventbrite, again from the link.
- Various cool peeps will be on board including a couple of international devs.

See you on the train & at Playtopia? :D


  • Can I suggest @tuism that you describe a little bit about what happened last year, what you have to take (not just in terms of game dev equipment, but clothing, food, etc) and what amenities (wifi, toilets, etc) are available.
  • So last year, we had about 25 people on the train jam. Everyone had sleepers to sleep in, as well as an empty coach which we filled with furniture to jam in.

    There were several international jammers in attendance including Robin of Line Wobbler who is returning for this next Train Jam.

    Everyone needed to bring their own equipment to dev on, so computers and whatever. We had power and we tried to share some wifi onboard with 3G but honestly reception was spotty, so I think we can't really rely on that. Using your own connectivity should be enough, there's not really much reason to use the internet heavily anyway, the party's on the train and there are more than enough people to have fun + work with :)

    It gets a bit cold at night so do bring something warm. They do rent bedding on the train too.

    Otherwise we had food, snacks and coffee on the train so no need to bring your own. And Beat Saber too :p (this year is Quest year so that's gonna be even easier), and there are obviously water closets on the train :)

    Did I miss anything?
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  • I'll be in JHB around that time and this sounds like a blast, so count me in :)
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  • ashashza said:
    I'll be in JHB around that time and this sounds like a blast, so count me in :)
    Awesome! Do jump in on the ticketing/application asap, we've definitely already hit more applicants than we can take so not all applicants will be accepted, so remember that the sold tickets are first come, first serve.

    See you on the choo choo :)
  • Absolutely sounds interesting... Am double checking my diary but can I provisionally confirm my attendance to the Game Train Jam 2 Playtopia!
  • Hey @BuddyWalker3D, you said you're coming but we're literally leaving this weekend on Sunday, have you bought a ticket? If you haven't and still want to join, you'll have to buy one like right now. Get in touch via DM or my email steven at twoplusgames dot com.
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