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Hi everyone

I just wanted to share my first project. The goal was just to put a game that I would enjoy together. Overall I think the only positive I can take from this is I have a somewhat finished a project. I think. It only has one level and the collisions are a nightmare.

So I just wanted the community's general feel on it.
The game was made in blender so unfortunately there is no web build.
The purpose for wanting feedback is that down the line I would like to revisit the project when I've gained more experience.

In the game you have to collect 10 keys all while avoiding and shooting oncoming enemies,


Hope you enjoy
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1191 x 640 - 2M
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  • Hey, this was cool! Definitely got a memorable visual style. I tried a few times to grab all 10 keys but could never find the last one, they seem to run away from the player?

    Also ran out of ammo a few times, it seems like enemies keep respawning after they've been killed so eventually I'm ammoless and just running backwards to stay alive. :)
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  • Well done on your first attempt.

    I also couldn't find the last keys but I think I saw them clipping through the outer walls so then I'll never be able to catch them.
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  • Thanks for playing, I really appreciate it.

    Yeah the keys were my biggest issue during development. No matter what I did the last two or three would always fly through the walls. So my final solution, I'll admit it was a very ducktapy one, was to just double up the walls with more cubes and hope the extra collision boxes prevented anything from escaping.

    In my last couple of play-throughs everything seemed to be holding together, but I guess I hadn't tested it enough. My bad.

    Also, as for the ammo in hindsight I should have made it infinite. When it came to enemies I took inpiration from pacman's respawning enemies. So looking back, if I was to face an infinite amount of enemies I would like an infinite amount of bullets.

    The solution currently is that when you kill red enemies you get a +5 ammo pack. I guess the problem with this is that its to easy to want to spam bullets. Only getting ammo when you kill a certain type of enemy kinda works against, what I now think is, the most likely strategy to use when playing.

    Infinite bullets would also emphasize that the game is more about collecting keys than killing endless waves of enemies with and an endless amount of bullets.

    Again thanks for the feedback.
  • A lesson you'll learn about game development is "it's all hacks". :)
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