Aurelia - The Forbidden Contract : Try it out and give some feedback!

Hi Fellow South African Developers,

I've been working on this game for 2 years now and it is finally at a point where I can show some of these things off to some extent and finding people to test is pretty difficult as it is.

So I thought this would be the best place to find some nice eager people that might be willing to check the game out and give some constructive feedback on what could be improved with what is there already.

Link: - this is the link to the website and this will be where you find everything you need to see what we are doing right now. Screenshots, download links, twitter account and such.

Thanks for all the support thus far!

P.S. I've attached some screenshots of what is currently available :D

Jayden Oerson
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1140 x 691 - 1M
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  • Hey.

    I can't seem to find any information on what this game is actually about, or what type of game it is. From the screenshots I'm guessing maybe some adventure / horror game?

    Maybe just put a short description of your game in and on your website maybe some goals you intend to hit, so that when people test they also know what the desired outcome should be. This will probably end up giving you more meaningful feedback.
  • All the screenshot look the same.

    To @MajorPAIN's point, here's a brief to a GDC talk about explaining your game.
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  • Yeah you have to look at what you present from the point of view of someone who has never even heard of your game before, and try to get to some kind of point quickly. Right now I have no idea what the game is about, no idea what's in it, no idea how it plays, etc, from looking at your site, or screenshots, or anything. You can't expect people to trudge through your devlog to read about your game. You have to give it to them without them having to figure it out through their own effort.

    Hope you update with some stuff that's easier to digest.
  • I was a bit hesitate to post here but I'm glad I did. I'll take what everyone has said and start implementing it, I didn't know that making the game so I'll post updates once I've made some changes to the site and the overall looks of everything. Thanks again!

  • Okay! I've updated the site, just going a totally different route and thought this should be easier.

    If anyone has any other ideas on how to fix anything, please comment!
  • Initial feedback for this new site:

    - Your primary big button does nothing, and when a big button does nothing, it feels like it's broken. Not a good first impression.
    - Most people don't care to read about the story. Reading about the story doesn't tell you anything about the game. If you saw Super Mario's website saying "mario is an italian plumber who has to save the princess from a giant turtle hurling hammers", you probably wouldn't care much about the game. Show the game. Try to show the game. Not some text.
    - If it's playable, capture gameplay footage. Use that.
    - The selection of screenshots really all look the same. I'm sure you know why they're different from one another, but the average person who isn't you has no idea. If the different screenshots don't distinguish themselves easily, then rather have one hero image than 6 that all look the same.
    - More/longer is not necessarily better. Aim for one screen of quality rather than 8 screens that doesn't show much.
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