Playtopia MGA 2019! - 5-7 December 2019 - Trailer added!

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Join us in Cape Town for Playtopia MGA 2019! a unique, 3 day celebration of indie games and immersive art!


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Playtopia and Make Games Africa have joined forces to bring you the biggest gaming and immersive arts festival in South Africa! 3 days of talks, arcades, interactive and immersive exhibits and of course, music!! Playtopia is where art and entertainment come together in one explosive festival of fun and games and is the premier gathering of game developers and tech artists in Sub Saharan Africa!

* 40+ indie games!
* Super Friendship Arcade exhibition of party games and alternative controllers
* Immersive artist instalations
* Music line up with host curators Glitch Culture
* 3 days of talks
* MGA B2B talks & Playtopia Creative talks
* Over 50 local and international speakers
* A Maze Train Jam is back! JHB to CT!
* Official SA tour stop for the Nordic Discovery Contest!
* 2 VR stations
* Food Trucks
* Beer!




▸ Early Bird 3 day pass - R280 (on sale now!)
▸ Early Bird 1 day pass - R120 (on sale now!)
▸ 3 day pass (Phase 1) - R300
▸ 1 day pass (Phase 1) - R140
▸ 3 day pass (Phase 2) - R320
▸ 1 day pass (Phase 2) - R160
▸ Weekend pass (Full price) - R340
▸ 1 day pass (Full Price) - R180
▸ 3 day Playtopia Talks Delegate Pass - R600
▸ 1 day Playtopia Talks Delegate Pass - R250
▸ MGA Talks Delegate Pass - R3 000
▸ MGA Talks Student/Start Up Delegate Pass - R1250

There will be two conferencing streams available to delegates this year, the MGA Business to Business conference and the Playtopia Talks aimed at delegates interested in the creative side of game development. Playtopia delegates are invited to attend talks, panels and workshops hosted by both international and local industry experts in the field of Indie Game development and the MGA talks are aimed at business development of gaming within the African context. Tickets are very limited and booking is essential!

NB! Please take note, MGA tickets and Playtopia Talks tickets are priced differently, and whilst an MGA ticket gives you complete all access, a Playtopia Talks ticket will not give you access to the MGA talks.
This event is a strictly 18+ since games with adult themes will be on show and alcohol will be on sale


Send us your games!

Between the SFA Multiplayer Arcade, our main exhibition, and a small VR area, Playtopia showed off 40+ games at last year's festival. We were incredibly happy with the quality of the games on show, and double-happy that about 50% of them had come out of South Africa! For our 2019 event, we'd love to continue this trend, and celebrate the most creative, playful and emotionally moving games coming out of South Africa, and the rest of the African continent! To help us make this a reality, please send us your creations, and please share this call for submissions with your friends and followers! We want to get the word out far and wide, and share the best of what's happening in the world of African game dev!


Last year's fest:
Here's a quick taste of what went down at Playtopia 2018!



  • Giving this a wee bump, now that the event has been unveiled. All the juicy details are above! ▲▲▲▲▲▲

    Speaker and game reveals will be rolling out between now and the festival!

  • Quick reminder: Game submissions close at the end of this month! Don't miss out on your chance to have your playful creations on show at Playtopia MGA 2019!
  • Checking in with some exciting news: the first wave of Playtopia games have been revealed. Heaps of wonderful stuff will be on show, including some stellar creations from the South African game dev community!


    More to be announced very soon!

    Quick reminder that the full list of guest speakers, installation artists and live performers are all up on the Playtopia MGA site!
  • image

    I'm very excited to share the details of this pair of workshops, presented by 3 of Playtopia MGA 2019's incredible international guests!

    Space is very limited, so don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to learn from 3 phenomenal creators!

  • We've made a trailer for the fest, showing off some of last year's magic, and giving you a sneak peak of some of the awesome things that you'll be able to play with this year!

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