Neon Ninja - VR Hack and Shoot. [Looking for Help]

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Hello All.

I am working on a VR game called Neon Ninja.


Neon Ninja is a procedural based generated VR "infinite runner".



It is made in unity and targets both mobile and desktop VR.

Story Mode: Reminiscent of arcade games like contra, metal slug and Shakespearean plays, Neon Ninja plays off in a series of Acts.
Each Act consists of chapters with obstacles to clear and enemies to obliterate and epic boss battles.
Will you escape being trapped on RANDOM PLANET NAME!


Arcade mode serves as an infinite playground where you destroy things in your path and try to get onto the global leader-boards.

You have a laser sword, a laser rifle and shield.
Through clever use and manipulations of these weapons, will you become the greatest Neon Ninja.

Each level looks and plays different. Unlock new music, graphic styles and discover new power ups the more you play.

Sandbox mode allows you to mix and match these to play in any style you can imagine.

Be the Neon Ninja today.


I'm running this project solo, but have the opportunity of partnering with a large distributor. And might need a little help...
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  • Help Needed : Roles
    Concept Artist - To tidy up my messy drawings.
    3D Artists - Hard Surface mostly - not much texture work
    1/2 Hard Surface Modelers
    1 Rigger/Animator
    Unity Guru
    Sound Guy

    My Role:
    As of now I have been working on this alone. Hoping to find some help.

    Team Size Currently: Solo

    Planned Project Length: 2-3 Months

    Will you be paid?
    Revenue share and bonus if successful.

    The game is a simple outline style post process so surfaces need hard edges and details are made with voids in geometry or color breaks.

    It is futuristic so I need space ships, drones, bosses and obstacles in the environment that fit this style. Very Little texture work.

    Sounds and basic voice acting would also be great.

    I am able to sketch all ideas from various angles and can even do the basic modeling and massing in sketchup to give scale and layout. But my focus is on programming, ui/ux and level design.

    You will be modeling enemies, environment props, weapons and rigged obstacles for the world.
    I could do with gun mechanics and projectile scripting if anyone wants to make some awesome weapons.

    Send me an email at gerard[at]tenebrislab[dot]com
    or join the Neon Ninja Discord here:
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    Working on enemy AI.

    So far I have the movement mechanics for three AI's prototyped:

    Grid "Space Invader" style.
    Moves towards player.
    Destroy a drone when it is charging for attack. Dodge or reflect lasers.

    Click for GIFS

    Mining Route style
    Drones move between mine and base.
    Can break off from path and use mining material to lob at player.

    Patrol Route
    Drones move randomly on map, if in distance attack player.

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    Most of the visuals are achieved using a custom screen space shader.
    The idea is to drop shadows and lighting to an absolute minimum to support a wider range of VR devices.

    With gameplay and environment driven by the currently selected song in the track browser.

    I found an awesome retro skybox shader and modified it to be the basic visualizer. The sun has as real time eq with lows and highs. The sky is split into eq bands and opacity of bands are regulated by the beatz.



    Initially this gave me the look I was going for, but as development progresses I wonder If I should not allow some solid to pass through, the sun from the skybox shader would look great solid also.

  • Looks cool! Any chance of getting a playable version to download?
  • Where are you based? If in Joburg, it would be great if you'd come and show this off at the monthly MakeVR meetup :)
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  • I'm showing this tonight at the CPT Meetup... Sorry guys. I'm down South.
  • I really enjoyed playing this last night, as well as seeing your space-mining game, and would be happy to help with testing if you need it (except that I don't have my own equipment).
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