[Concluded Prototype] Burn - Deckbuilding Roguelite

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Sometime ago last year me and three other admirable developers made this game that I was personally quite proud to finish. Finished is a loose word because instead of uploading it then I decided to set it aside to do some tinkering before I actually finished and uploaded it. Nonetheless it is now by my own considerations "finished" and I would like to share it with as many people as possible.

So without further delay:


This game is called Burn, and its a deck-building rogue-lite card game where you fight monsters by playing cards with attack and defense totals. Kill monsters to progress and get more cards while also attempting to manage the losses you will undoubtedly have to inflict on yourself to gain powerful advantages to progress during fights.



The game is very much a prototype or vertical slice and there are no plans to continue it in any form other than its analogue counterpart, but advice and comments are more than welcome.

Link below will take you to my Itch.io page where you can download the game for Windows and Mac. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a Mac so I couldn't test if that build is working correctly, but regardless I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!



  • Congrats on finishing. That in itself is a big achievement. I'll give it a look when I get some time.
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  • Sooo cool to see a roguelike/lite (whatever, I don't subscribe to the Berlin Interpretation) :D

    So I tried to play it (Mac build), and went to the tutorial, and uh, immediately got stuck. I played two Strike cards to table and ended turn. Then it says reaction phase, waiting... and it just never ends. The opponent "burns" two cards. That's it, it's stuck. Plus side, I could hit ESC and go back to main menu, I was expecting to be stuck for good, so that's good.

    I did try to go to the main game and play but I had no clue what was going on. There are many different icons, none of them mean anything to me, and I don't know what the difference of playing to the table and playing to the side burning thing is. There are like 4 different gems, little triangle tooth-like things, 6/8 brown card looky things under that, 0 skulls, 22 swirly things and the only thing I could get to do what I want was the 8/10 hearts that went down from 10 when I burned cards......

    And the text on the cards are pretty hard to read. The font is more ornate than they need to be, and they're quite wordy for a card game on the screen.

    Other than that the presentation looks good, but I just haven't got any clue what's going on.

    Did you build this from a physical prototype first? :D
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  • @Tuism genres are over-bloated groupings anyways.

    So yeah I'm sorry you and many others had this experience with the game not being properly explained and the tutorial bugging out 3/5 times but i do appreciate your patience with it. By the end of the project we tried to circumvent the strain of building a tutorial by trying to make all our systems as visible as possible but that ended up just bloating and distracting our information layering unfortunately. In the end there are no shortcuts to making a well thought out and considered tutorial and the answer to that is definitely not UI over compensation.

    We did actually build this from physical first. We started brainstorming with an overall premise, figured out a game in analogue format from that and then ported that into a digital context.

    Thank you for your feedback! all of this will most definitely feed into my analogue prototype, especially because I would like to cut down on systems blown out, and just generally get a less info heavy card game going. I don't have any planned dates for my next iteration of the analogue version but if you are interested in playing when a print-n-play is ready I'll seek you out.
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    Finally gave this a play...

    I had the problem that I didn't ever have any purple round gems, so all I could ever play were strikes (as they required zero purple mana).

    I don't know how I'm meant to get purple round mana. Burning cards didn't help?

    It seemed like there were a bunch of interesting mechanical possibilities, but as I could only play strikes I couldn't explore the prototype (and like others have said, the tutorial hung).

    Seems a pity to end it here as the presentation is really good and it clearly took a lot of effort to get it to this point.
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