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Hi all!

I have been quiet for the last while but recently I have decided to try my hand at shaders! I have tried a few times to wrap my head around them, haven't been particularly successful. This time I started out in the Unity Shader Graph and used that until I had built a bit of intuition around how they work. A few things clicked from doing that and now I've found that coding them is more understandable. I still have a lot to learn but it is a lot of fun! Considering that I am new to this I would really appreciate any feedback, both artistically and technically (I will be posting my shader code when it is in a cleaner state)

I want to use this thread to document some of my experiments and to kick it off here is my first completed attempt at a vertex shader:

The Gif compression is quite awful so here is a better quality clip from YouTube - Video Link

The shader was inspired by a really awesome GDC talk from 2017 - Creating the Art of ABZU

For those of you that might also be interested in trying out shaders, I have been using the following resources to learn:
Making Stuff Look Good In Unity - Video tutorials
Alan Zucconi
Ronja's Shader Tutorials
Minions Art Tutorial List
Harry Alisavakis' Website - Writes guides on Shaders and does an awesome VFX/Shader roundup every Friday called "Technically Art"
Brackeys - Has a few tutorials on how to use Shader Graph which is a cool starting point if the coding stuff is too dense.
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