[Released] Fish Sticks

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Released a game for the first time on Google Play. Not really polished but I wanted to go through the publishing pipeline to see how it all works.
Its an arcade style fishing game with one and two player (local) game modes.
There is a global leaderboard and 11 achievements.
Its free, please download and tell me what you think. Cheers!


Fish Sticks
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    @vintar Nice! I downloaded and played. I liked how the angle of the swinging line determines where you cast. It was not exactly clear where I needed to aim to hook a fish and felt like luck was mostly involved. I even managed to catch a big old shark somehow which was funny and surprising :) I released a game or two a few years back on google play as well. Those have since been closed as I chose not to update or accept changes to their policies over the years. I used AdMob in those. It was also interesting to learn the publish pipeline as you now did. Quite a few hoops to jump through. The mobile game dev space is scary for many reasons (visibility, effort/reward etc) and I have been avoiding it ever since. :D

    How did you implement the leaderboard?
  • @konman thanks for checking it out!
    Yes, knowing where to hook a fish should probably be made more apparent, but not sure how to do that without adding something to the fishes mouths or maybe a short tutorial would do it.
    Hope you never took me off the top of the leaderboard since we are the only two players :D
    I used this for leaderboards etc. : Google Play Integration
    Leaderboards and achievements were the easy part. The hardest and least documented area is key signing and adding the key to publish settings etc. It was a bit of trial and error and to be honest, the next time I will probably have forgotten most of it :)
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    I have hooked a fish by its tail in RL... maybe that is why I question obvious mechanics :-P
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