Pacman the 21st century prophet.

Pacman fore-sore the future of politics. With an thirst for self enrichment that is never quenched, it seems that all politicians are the embodiment of old pizza face, just eat as much as you can for as long as you can. It seems however this simple and obvious truth eludes most minds and once again, in our country, people queued like sheep to vote for more of the same.

In this spirit I updated "PacState" the South Africa edition. For no other reason except for a laugh and a prophecy: Watch as they do exactly what they do in this game....



  • HAHA!
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    @Moga, What is omg for? is it not obvious? Im speculating here but is the OMG a response to self censorship and its overcoming? Would love to hear your response! Do you think there are people who understand your life better than you? ... food for thought :P. You do realize that your brain works the same, IF NOT BETTER> than those who have made you tax live stock?
  • I think its good political commentary for sure. I read up on SA news but I don't know what it is like to live there. Great work.
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