Deathless Dungeon, Happy birthday Mavis!

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Hi everyone, been working on this for quite some time now but finally have a steam page available with our 1st reveal trailer.
It is a simple 2D platformer with focus on making a challenging game, but easy to get back into action with fast respawns.
We are Ember Works with only a 2 man team and this is one of our 1st bigger project, so hopefully things go well; thanks for the MakeGamesSA people who gave input on the game, we plan to release it soon so hope you like the result :)
We have so many other more crazy and fun ideas and would love to work on more projects, so any support is appreciated.

We just made a discord channel as well if anyone wants to chat or share things about the game when it's out:


  • Damn, that dungeon looks chock-a-block full of death!

    Have you done much testing outside of the meetup?
  • Hehe that's the idea, we've done a little more testing from friends of design and a few friends as well, and we've changed the levels a little accordingly, and gone through the game many times to but I'm pretty happy with of the level design and game difficulty.
  • Looks really cool.
    I too like games that have a serious difficulty to it.
    Playstyle also looks simple and fun.

    Just a note on the trailer. I was really expecting to see the "fast respawn" as advertised in the description. I know it's probably not flashy, and I also know making trailers is a lot of work, but it's just something I thought I would see in the trailer, and was kinda dissapointed I didn't.
  • Thanks, never though about that, it's a pretty good point. For reference you revive at the nearest checkpoint right after the death animation, no level reloading or anything, did a quick test :P Takes about 1.3sec to respawn in Deathless dungeon, and about 1.9sec in Celeste if you know it. We tried making it as fast as possible since you die a lot in this game.
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    Cool. Yeah SMB also uses very fast respawning and we also went with a quick respawn in Gumstein. I think unless there is some meaning to your death, respawns should be fast (but also not instantly as that just throws the player off). 1.3 sec sounds pretty good.

    But yeah, I don't mean to make this thread about respawn time. Just thought because you advertise it as a major game mechanic, it should be shown in the trailer.
  • Makes sense, I'll see if I can fix that if I have time to make a compressed trailer for better ads for next time.
  • We've just released the game today on steam if any of you are interested, fair warning, it's a tough game :)
  • Where are you based so I can add you to the MGSA curator's list?
  • Fengol said:
    Where are you based so I can add you to the MGSA curator's list?
    South africa Cape town
  • this game looks stunning! how are the sales and marketing going?
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    this game looks stunning! how are the sales and marketing going?
    Thanks :) Sales are going slooooowwwww, I sent about 85 steam curator keys and only got 4 reviews so far, 15 keys to youtubers, streamers and reviewers, spend a bit on a facebook and youtube advert, and trying to reach out to a couple people with small or big following but sales so far are in the 2 digits :X
    The ones that have played it seems to enjoy it for the most part; either we have to get lucky by having some youtubers play our game or we have to hope for the best when we do bigger discounts, it's a tough market out there.
  • It's already been a year since it's release, if anyone is still keen to check it out, it currently is 90% off on Steam :)
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