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I'm a programmer with 12 years of programming experience. I have worked in many different industries, but not directly in the gaming industry. My main languages are Java, c# and C++.
I have always had interest in games development, but only recently acted on it and created a game with a small team that we published on Steam at the beginning of the year. We made the game in Game Maker Studio. I was the lead programmer and designer for this game.
This was a great learning experience for myself and everyone in the team, as none of us had any experience in game development at that point.

I really enjoyed making the game and have started another project in Unreal Engine (that I will hopefully reveal the prototype for soon).
The contract I have with my current employer is coming to an end at the end of May 2019, I'm seeing if I can find a job that can pay the bills and that is more in line of what I found I really enjoy: Game making.

I've heard the talks that game making in South Africa, especially Indie, doesn't pay well. So I am aware of this. However I feel there is no harm in making myself available, should there be any interested parties.

My full CV is available on request.

I am based in Centurion


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