[Open Source] 3lg00gtach - Platformer built with Godot Engine

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Download at Game Jolt page
Source Code at Gitlab page

Salutations fellow enthusiasts \(◕‿◕)

Here, I'm optimistic to present 3lg00gtach

A Platformer made with Godot, meant as a learning experience.
Enriched by the community.
Focusing on mechanics not usually covered by tutorials.

Aspects I'm focusing on are:
-Precise collision
-A peculiar jump mechanic

The project is open source, so feel free to take a look at the inner workings, analyse, critique, and whatnot (link above)

This isn't really meant to be for entertainment, but if you get a kick out of it then aye why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Feedback of any kind is welcome, thanks in advance.

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  • What is your feedback about godot vs say unreal. I saw a vid on it a few days ago it looks interesting
  • Ah yes, https://godotengine.org/
    A really cool and relatively new game engine

    I am not very familiar with unreal, though I did use UDK a while back.
    Godot is quite clearly the easier engine to work with imo.
    I say so since Godot is designed to be modular and collaborative - copy pasting assets makes merging multiple projects a breeze.
    The gui is a lot cleaner right off the bat, and GDScript the language it uses is very simple (similar to Python).
    It is favoured by 2D game designers because it has built in native 2D support ( i.e. its not just a pseudo flat layered 3D world)

    Unreal I would say is much more advanced and well seasoned for high fidelity games.
    Far greater community and toolsets, also a lot more complicated.
  • The Story So Far

    Here is the details on what I've done so far.
    it is a copy of the DevJournal in the gitlab repo

    I'll probably keep the forum updated as I go on

    To be continued

    My holiday is ending soon, so updates shall likely run dry until mid June.
    My goal was just to get this out so far.
    There is still a lot I wanted to do, such as the elaborating on the mechanics, unfortunately I may have to work that in willy nilly lol.
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    Hey man, interesting project. I found Godot a while ago, but tried it out, so I might check in on your project once in a while to see how it progresses.

    I haven't looked at the code in detail yet, but at a quick glance, I would recommend the following (since it is an open source project):

    - Make your DevJournal.txt a markdown (.md) file then you have access to markdown formatting, and is easier to see in the repo and reuse on other sites.

    - With the folder I think it is good to stick to a single format to not get any issues when moving or renaming folders. I prefer dash-naming, then I can never have a case where my camelCase folders are all of a sudden lower case.

    - I think you may need a .gitignore (to exclude environment, import, build, etc). I am unfamiliar about what should/shouldn't be ignored in Godot though, but maybe this could be a good starting point?

    Those are just my general (not game related) observations... Use at your discretion :P

    Good luck with the project... And I like your Hedgehog Avatar!
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  • @Thelangfordian, Thank you very much for those suggestions, as well as the compliment :-)
    I hope to crack down on em, especially the .md format one, its a very nice suggestion and quite helpful with me learning how to use Gitlab at the same time.
  • I added more words! :]

    Reach out! simply scratching the surface here but at least I'm touching the project. I recently had a lot of stuff to take care of. The part time hobbyist dev life indeed ain't it.
    Anyway. I'm not able to do much again since I've run out of holiday fuel and my focusses were unfortunately elsewhere (University, figuring out Arch Linux).
    But its cool because I'm learning. and I'm updating this game with git CLI and neovim - that's at least a few hipster points haha!

    I have updated the documentation of the project. just a simple somewhat organized attempt at describing the features of my game.
    Primarily describing the fabled moonjump mechanic that I think may be cool, and benefit speedrunning in my mind at least :P
  • Working on the project during Lockdown

    Might as well make good of the time we have haha. even used an appropriately themed tileset
    I'm working on Enemies and refactoring some old code.

    An idea I want to implement is Crowd Control, the idea that enemies function differently whether they're in groups or alone. I'm currently getting enemies to detect the player and form an organised line, the first in line gets to fight the player while the others wait patiently.

    Further on I plan on having enemies execute special moves via teamwork (a.k.a fight like they're Power Rangers)
    3lg00gtach image - 2020-04-09 22h45.png
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  • Update to version 0.2.0 - Tag Based State System
    ╚ ═ ╝

    Download at Game Jolt page
    Source code at Gitlab page

    Salutations fellow enthusiasts (◕‿◕)つ

    Because the game is in a workable state
    and I hit a milestone with my "Concurrent State machine" / "Tag based state system"
    and movement is smooth (not complete but smooth)
    I have updated my game. HUZZAH!

    3 Major things I worked on in this game recently (past few months) is
    - Player Character States (Currently working)
    - Enemy Fighting Logic (Still WIP)
    - Moon Jump mechanic (Still WIP)

    I've been working this year on my project a lot and
    Its been a long unapologetic grind, and I'm not even halfway done with what
    I set out to do, I actually got sidetracked with the Tag State system, since
    that wasn't actually on my original to-do list. but I hope I'm able to move
    forward with greater velocity from here.

    but anyway, the Moon jumping mechanic should be my next big focus, along with
    Enemy fighting logic. The walking down slopes may slot in arbitrarily somewhere
    along the line.

    - Added new tag based state system, Explanatory Video
    - Added a bunch of display elements for Debugging purposes.
    - Added extra documentation (in git repo)

    - Movement code

    - attacking code is added, but also broken
    - Enemy fighting logic is added, and is also broken
    - Levels besides main menu and first level
    - Jumping

    Comment on Focus points:
    - - -

    Tilemaps & Collision:
    Seemingly the simplest of the bunch, just followed the tutorials and its
    working out nicely

    Pixel perfect collision:
    I'm opting not to focus on this in favour of using Godot's built-in
    collision system

    Currently able to walk smoothly up slopes
    Moving Down slopes is coming soon.
    In the Git repo you're able to find the relevant code under plc_movement.gd

    A cool jump mechanic I’ve been working on:
    Currently not implemented yet. Still doing research and figuring out a
    system that works.

    My own interpretation of a state machine:
    This is a new focus point I added
    Currently working (I hope) and that's a major milestone and the reason
    for my update.
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