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I've updated the Constitution to version 3 (hopefully the final version). It is available attached to this post and here


- Added a summary
- Added Definitions
- Added a power to the MC allowing them to terminate membership of a member if there is due cause
- Added that the Treasurer and Chairperson need to be elected directly at the AGM
- moved and edited some existing clauses to clarfiy and improve readability

Please check and see that all is good. Also please please please check for grammatical and spelling errors, I've given it the once over, but it is better to have more eyes check.

I've updated the Constitution to version 2 taking into consideration the comments below. It is available attached to this post and here


- Fixed spelling errors (but possibly introduced more)
- Enumerated how to dismiss committee members
- Added clauses dealing with virtual meetings,
- Added clauses dealing with the form of general, special and committee meetings
- Added clauses dealing with the financial powers of the organisation
- Added clauses dealing with dissolution of the organisation
- moved and edited some existing clauses to clarfiy and improve readability


Hey all. I've posted the first draft of a constitution for an association (to this post) and here:

Nothing is set in stone yet so please feel free to comment on anything. As it is also a draft, I've not filled the "introductions" or "definitions" sections.

Big issues that I need consensus on:
The Name
AGM details
Powers of the Management Committee
Constitution v0_3.doc
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  • Just browsed through it. I like it much better than the constitution I had to alter for a university society.

    With regards to the management committee the meeting is biannual if so I suppose one in JHB and one in CPT (given that there is a split of member which I hope there is).

    With regards to the AGM I think that should be where there is the largest concentration of members, so it would seem like Cape Town. Otherwise an even like Amaze Interact or rAge have been draws for people across the country so those would be good opportunities for an AGM.
  • I'm going to add specific clauses that will allow the AGM, General Meetings and even the Committee meetings to be held virtually. The main reason I'd like for this is that if we host the AGM or any of the other meetings in just one city, it will be biased in favour of that local. As much as possible I want the community to be all inclusive, of everyone
  • That sounds great!

    I would love to know what people would prefer: IRC, VOIP, or Video Chat.

    Personally I am leaning towards video chat, but I am not really aware of a way to have 30+ people on one at the same time.
  • Look at 8.2. The first bullet makes sense there, but the second does not (it makes sense, but not as a second bullet).
  • I don't know if this is covered by 5.2.ii but I think the organisation should also have the objective of acting as a resource of knowledge and expertise for government and academic branches.
  • Would it be possible to add some default framework for dealing with sponsors? Or would this be managed by the minutes of the first committee meeting?

    Specifically I'm concerned about the organisations obligation to a sponsor in return for common services such as venue hire, refreshments or web hosting.
  • Read through the google doc (couple of typos, "business's" should be "businesses", for example) but I'm liking how this is moving forward.

    I feel it could do with enumeration of the process to remove a committee member.

    I think that @aodendaal's point is covered by 5.2.ii. I'd rather have fewer general rules and purposes than multiple enumerated ones. Also, really don't want to name government in an official document - that's like saying "Candyman" too often.

    I'm all for IRC for AGMs as it's the easiest to handle large numbers of attendees in - IRC's moderation is pretty solid if you're smart about it. Google Hangouts could be great for Committee meetings.
  • I've updated the constitution, see OP for details

    @aodendaal I think "acting as a resource of knowledge and expertise for government and academic branches." is covered by the "promotion of the game development" industry. To be honest I'm with @dislekcia, broad and general is better. I'm even tempted to remove the "secondary objectives" all together as I think the primary objectives already cover them.

    In terms of the framework, that is something to be covered by the AGM or at another meeting. But I'm interested in what you have in mind. Can you expand on your thoughts a little ?
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    That is seeming like a good constitution to me!

    I think the primary objectives do kind of cover the secondary objectives, but I like that the secondary objectives make it clear how inclusive this organization intends to be (in that the organization intends to assist with education and with game developers who are just starting out, not only develop the major players.)

    Is there the intention of finalizing, signing or stamping or whatever it takes, at A MAZE?
  • Small typo I think 5.1(ii) "Provide act as..." Should that be "Act as" or "Provide/Act as"

    I'm really liking this constitution more and more!
  • Thanks @aodendaal!

    Please see the latest version (0.3). I hope to use this one at the AGM on wednesday.
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