Ike's Axe - 2D Platformer - (BETA Demo)

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Hello everyone!

I would like to show you all one of my projects called Ike's Axe. It's a physics based 2D platformer that I've been playing around with for a while now. I've recently committed a ton of changes to the project and would love to get people playing it and generate some of that invaluable feedback!

Controls for the game can be found under Controls in the main menu.

If you run out of lives and have at least 100 coins a new life will be awarded and 100 coins will be deducted. Coins can be collected thru-out the stages. Bonus coins will also be awarded for achieving a quick time, collecting enemy souls, and for clearing out the filth. ( I am still balancing the rewards for quickly finishing the level versus taking your time and collecting coins and souls etc. )

You have an unlimited number of axes to throw so be generous with your aggression!
Boosting can get you out of some sticky situations, manage it well.
Keep an eye on your Jump bar, double and triple jumps are possible with timing. (or just panic smash...it works for me!)
Collect Diamonds for permanent buffs.

This has been a solo project of mine so your feedback now is probably the most important part of this project's development. If you have any ideas for the game that will help me to make it a more enjoyable experience, or any advice, please let me know!

Thanks, and have fun!


Download links here for Windows and Android:





640 x 360 - 352K
640 x 360 - 409K
640 x 360 - 202K
640 x 360 - 229K
640 x 360 - 288K
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  • A short gameplay video.

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  • Submitted a couple updates to the demo today:

    ​Added the ability to shoot with left and right mouse buttons on PC.
    Increased the throw rate ever so slightly.
    Fixed collisions not registering on some slopes.
    Replaced a few of the older sprite assets.
    Fixed some visual effects not displaying correctly.
    Fixed some of the music not looping correctly on a couple levels.

    Here's a short single stage play-through video to go with the update:
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