Odd War

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  • Here is some typical game play ..
  • a bit better quality ... sorry i make games not videos :(
  • Added player pods and a "midi-gun" - tank, just some small footage...

  • Hey all, I a did a WEBGL build for anyone who wants to just have a look. Please remember: its mobile shaders so it dont look as good as a mobile like an s8, also its running in a browser so cpu takes a hit and it starts to lag a bit when there are a lot of units :(

    Here is the link ... http://www.aumstudio.co.za/OddWarPC/ .. Remember to scroll down to see the first codex!

  • I had a go at the webgl build. I don't really play mobas, so I don't know that I can give much useful feedback, but good luck :)
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  • @mattbenic, trying to mix it up a bit in regards area control
  • New Arena with more "standard" moba rules

  • Same feedback as Francois' your other thread, maybe revert to the more useful/descriptive testing you had before? :)
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  • What I really enjoyed about the game was the simple control and movement system. I felt like I could traverse the battlefield strategically while still shooting my opponents. What I did not like about the game was that I had no idea what I was supposed to do. There were also times that enemies where lagging. Some improvement I would recommend would be to explain what your supposed to do in the game and add a list of controls. Will this game be purely multiplayer or would you add a single payer element too it? And when will you be releasing the other 2 characters? In conclusion I think it is a great game with a lot of potential. It seems to have good controls and performance. I look forward to seeing how it will turn out in the future.
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  • @Acedup777 , Thank you for the feedback. Odd war does have A.I. (very basic) that you can battle against. I will add some better instruction on the game goals, thank you for pointing that out! The moba mechanic is essentially PvP but I have thought about doing a single player campaign similar to Red Alert where predefined and scripted goals couple with narrative. I have done a huge amount of optimization in regards to lag (it really got bad towards the end of the match when tons of units are attacking each other) and will upload the new version soon.
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