Gumstein, now out of Early Access

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Hi Everyone.
I'm happy to announce that we are now out of Early Access with Gumstein: the Awakening. (on Steam)

It is a 2D puzzle platform game where you play as chewing gum that became sentient after a scientific mishap.
You are now on a quest to find Ruby, the girl who was chewing you, by navigating through a number of original and classic puzzles. As you unlock new abilities the complexity of the puzzles will change to include the new abilities in the solution. And of course, there are hazards you have to evade.

The game features 3 difficulty settings:
Easy: Where the game will mostly focus on puzzle solving. Hazards are only included as part of the puzzle or to teach the player some specific movements / abilities.
Normal: Most levels were designed with this difficulty in mind. It includes a healthy mix of puzzles and hazards
Hard: Some puzzles are harder, but mostly it's just over the top hard platforming. Hazards are everywhere and if you can finish the game on this difficulty you can really call that an achievement.

We are a team of 4 (2 developers, 2 artists) who created the game, and this is our first title. We also want to issue a bit of a challenge. Once we get 500 sales, the 2 developers will play the game on Hard and stream our progress (and frustration). Naturally anyone is welcome to try and beat us at our own game and be the first to complete it on Hard.
The game also features leader boards, so you can challenge your friends to put up the best time on each level.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank those who have given input on this project. It was a big learning curve and a lot of fun making this game. Also, and more feedback is greatly appreciated. We like to hear what we did wrong / right.

Trailer video:

Steam store Page:


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