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Hey everyone. I'm Joel. Superior Wizards is an action/adventure game where you must cast spells using combos like in mortal kombat and then curve the spells around obstacles and make them hit things.

I am looking for feedback, suggestions and just to hear what you think about the game so far.

You can play the game for free in your browser here (There is currently an issue where the audio cuts out. I am working in fixing that.)

It is in Early Access on Steam here



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  • I like your cutaway views inside the buildings.

    Maybe look into giving MakegameSA Steam Curator a free copy to play...

    Asking that players
    must promise to play the game enthusiastically
    is ah.. how to say it...

    Its tough to give reviews when there are a lot of steps to play, especially economic commitments.

    To get the best response and feedback from the community (about the actual game) I would make it super accessible to play.
    A free limited web browser version being the easiest.
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    Thank you. I have taken your advice and I've posted a free web browser version here

    Do you know how I can contact MakegameSA Steam Curator?
  • I think the MakegamesSA Steam Curator is under that name .. "MakegamesSA." I think they would come up in the Steam search function but I have not tried yet. Checking the web version now =)
  • Here's the trailer I have been working on

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  • Gotta change the start font to be the same as the one in the end.
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  • @Moga Thanks again. Do you mean the "Superior wizards" title at the beginning should be all caps like at the end?
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  • Yes, the title fonts at the beginning and end should match, which ever way you choose... or they should at least be the same theme/variation of font.

    2) I think there are way better stock fonts to use for your Title. Either more "bit" like or more wizardly. Here are a few example that came with Photoshop.. Honestly I would take a 'bit' font into Photoshop and start to add 'FX' to the letters to give them an accompanying 'bit' feel... like the spells being cast in the game... or maybe use the Fire graphic to 'top' the 'i's'.... something to slightly enhance the base font.

  • @Moga Thanks again for your feedback. It's very helpful. What do you think of this?


    I don't want to make it look too pixellated.
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    Yes! nice! I like the scroll style font on 'superior!' ..but I think it should be all pixellated or all refined.. the mix and match looks unpolished... ie the pixellated fireball against the crisp "Wizards" font.
    The elements should flow together and ideally say something about the game/genre/style/store.. etc etc
    I think a 'not bad' example is World of Warcraft's logo but in SW's case I would also look a Gorn's logo.
  • Gave the trailer a watch, I really like the spellcasting and how it homes in on intended targets, that's a really cool effect that makes the player feel like a real wizard :)
  • Gave the web demo a go, it's a pretty neat concept! :) It's a pretty good amount of work you've put in, and a pretty great production! Are you looking for feedback?
  • @Tuism thanks for playing :) Yes, I am looking for feedback. What are your thoughts?
  • Okay here goes feedback:

    1. The dialogues can all break quite easily, forcing them to reset if the player moves slightly out of range, or if you do something out of turn a bit earlier, etc. That needs to be more robust or it'll confuse people a lot. Maybe lock people from walking away while a conversation is happening if they don't need to be walking during the conversation. In the very beginning we started the light the fire conversation, he said follow me, we did the whole thing, and then he went up and then said follow me again and restarted the whole sequence again and I had no idea why.
    2. It was only towards very late into the game that I discovered you controlled the spell's flight yourself - I think this one needs a clearer explanation, maybe even a direct tutorial bit. I assumed from watching the trailer that the spell homed in on targets, because that's what it looked like.
    3. There's little direction in terms of what to do next, there were times I felt completely lost, while most of the time the path just moves forward and you just follow it, sometimes it's not obvious and boom you're lost. For a game that seems to be capable of having multiple active "quests", I think some sort of bookkeeping of destinations would be good.
    4. Initially I played the game with mouse because the cursor was there and it worked. And I thought I was supposed to play with the mouse, but in a while I realised I need to use the keyboard. I think remove the mouse capabilities if most of the game cannot be played using the mouse.
    5. I really like the knowledge-based progression, you could cast anything from the start if you knew the combination. That's like Toki Tori's song system. I think there should be some kind of reminder that you can go see which spells you know? If there is one I couldn't find it.
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    @Moga check out this logo


    Here it is with a sort of pixelated fire effect within the letters:


    @Tuism Thanks for all that feedback :) These are all good points of things I wasn't aware of .
    * I tried freezing the player's movement during dialog but I found it annoying not being able to move. I agree though, it would be better that way.
    * I wanted you to discover on your own that you can control spells. But not everyone will figure it out so there needs to be a tutorial.
    * The game started off linear and became open world. The idea is that you are exploring the world looking for spells, so feeling lost might be a part of that. But if feeling lost feels bad, then maybe I can section off parts of the world more so that each area is contained.
    * I can disable the mouse. I actually made that functionality for touch screens.
    * You can see all the spells you have learnt by pressing 'i' in the game. The old man tells you that right at the end of the tutorial - when it works as it should.
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  • - I think the open world thing is good but the player needs something to manage being lost and not knowing where to go.
    - The press 'i' thing I guess shouldn't be something you have to just memorise and you wouldn't know at all if you missed that single bit of dialogue, something on-screen or in options to remind you of it would be good.
  • yes loving the second one with pixels well integrated! Maybe "Supixior Wizards"
  • I can play this game all day I was hooked in 2 minutes, nice game love the story line, @Plenopterix forget about the logo the game is very interesting the logo is fine ;(
  • @Tuism Maybe I'll include a map or a mini-map and an option in the pause screen to open your spell book

    @Moga Haha glad you like it. I am much happier with the logo now, so thanks for the motivation and the tips

    @Jay Thanks for playing! If you have any more feedback you want to give, please do

    I am planning to add many more quests and spells. More interesting enemies, locations and challenging battles. Maybe some survival mechanics where you have to find a safe place to sleep each night. I'm also thinking about improving the graphics. I'll post new updates here.
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