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CRITICAL GRAVITY for the Oculus Rift, Vive, Quest w/ Link, WMR + https://mogacreative.itch.io/critical-gravity-demo

Critical Gravity is my 'first' game.

This project has many of the hallmark mistakes for a first time game so it may be valuable as a lesson to others just to see what not to do. There is still a plan to get this to a complete stage when time allows, I work full time and have a family so time is an elusive beast.

This is early developer capture but there is actual game play video on the Steam site. Suspect quality.

Can viewed on the store here.

The game now has avatar hands that can grip and turn the wheel.. no avatar feet. It does support custom control inputs for steering wheel and pedals...
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  • Racing long twisted cylinders seems like a good idea, and a bit of a technical challenge to execute (when compared to traditional racing). There is a bit of wobble on the camera, so I imagine you're using the normal of the object to calculate the "up" direction?

    The audio stood out for me as the weakest element. Racing in space or on future cars would be done with futuristic engines, so I'd expect smoother sounds. This isn't a great clip, from a unspectacular movie, but the sort of sounds I'd expect are the type found in a movie like the new Total Recall.

    Also, I've made a bunch of embarrassing failures, and only more recently some successes. I think you have to make those mistakes before you can make your best work, because you're blind to those mistakes until you make them. I'm not saying we should try make mistakes obviously, just that once they're made you have your best opportunity to grow wiser.

    Anyway, I'm trying to say thanks for posting! I think communities need to share their lessons to help each other not repeat them.

    Here's a game I worked on that wasn't a success. It wasn't the worst thing I ever released either, but it looks like the internet has scrubbed itself clean of that. Also, I don't mean to say the other folks who worked on this didn't do a great job, but I personally think I failed on this one.


    One thing, you say you want to come back to Critical Gravity and finish it. Frankly, that might not be a great idea.

    I'm sure you can improve it and make it better... but sinking more work into a difficult project is often the most difficult and wasteful thing a developer can do with their time. Have you heard about the sunk cost fallacy? My point is you can't get that time back, what you need to consider is what is the best way to spend your future time. It can be worth finishing something you've started, but often it's a very sub-optimal way to spend your time.

    If you feel even the slight bit daunted thinking about working more on Critical Gravity then scrap it and start something you actually feel excited about. You'll work harder and learn more working on something that excites you, and I'd recommend only doing the grueling work of finishing a thing when there is some kind of financial reward at the end of it.

    That's my advice anyway.

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  • @EvanGreenwood Thank you for the feedback! It is such a relief to get some words of wisdom with kindness and understanding behind them. Thank you for taking the time.

    I have heard of the sunk cost fallacy and I agree. All you have said above is true, especially audio 'lack thereof'

    For all those reading and who have not; failing in plain view on STEAM has been super helpful (at least this once). I could see all the things going wrong and the 'real' lack of interest / slash straight up number of returned games. "I want my money back", etc etc. I learned a lot about marketing on this first pass too, wow, its all true.
    It has also given me my first experience of community enthusiasm from Twitch Steamers wanting a free copy, Hey... wanting to play it all is a win sometimes. I indeed want to go back and finish but I think you are right, sometimes its better to move on.

    Thank you again Evan! Love Your and Free Lives work and the engagement with learners like me!
    The Dragon is super cute!
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  • Not releasing on Itch.io for free FIRST was a big mistake. Can I offer anyone Free Steam Keys for this game for feedback?
    Had fun playing it on my Oculus Rift and I can't give up on this game. Here is some gameplay footage.
  • image

    Making a new Lobby Scene for a re -release on Itch. Photon Multiplayer appears to be working well and the demo will have 20 CCU spots for anyone who wants to host or join a race.

    Need your quick thoughts on the the below please>
    Anyone think I should release this as a new Game on Itch and just call it Professional Pipe Racing VR? .. instead of trying to revive it from the dead on Steam? X
  • AI is working
  • Playable demo for the Rift and Vive is out on Itch here https://mogacreative.itch.io/critical-gravity-demo
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  • Back out on STEAM. If you heart this post I will count you in for a KEY. I will pull one batch of Keys for all makesgamesSA supporters asap. If you do not have a VR headset yet, no worries, the Key last forever so no harm in asking without the gear to play yet. Thank all!
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  • I would love to see this sometime but I don't have a headset and I most definitely don't use Steam.
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  • Well, I'm in a peculiar circumstance of only having a Quest for VR handy, though I'm inching closer and closer to wanting to get a PC for some PCVR. Especially with the Quest Link coming around the corner...
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  • a few gameplay updates =)

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  • Tuism said:
    Well, I'm in a peculiar circumstance of only having a Quest for VR handy, though I'm inching closer and closer to wanting to get a PC for some PCVR. Especially with the Quest Link coming around the corner...
    Got that link cable ready? =)
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