What you guys think of my work so far?

Hey all, looking for some opinions and constructive criticism on my work at its current stage. Right now I make models for people with 3D printers, mainly for cosplay and collection purposes, I do want to get into game development eventually, this is my current job for now.

All For One Helmet.jpg
1218 x 1234 - 462K
Akuma Oni Mask.jpg
742 x 1228 - 227K
Artorias Set 2.jpg
2265 x 384 - 228K
Berserker Helmet.jpg
759 x 833 - 193K
Chibi Carnage.jpg
667 x 660 - 177K
Deadpool Bust 1.jpg
559 x 1159 - 260K
Dracula Reaper.jpg
652 x 904 - 169K
Dust Bust.jpg
294 x 361 - 43K
Concept Deadpool Sword.jpg
3440 x 317 - 306K
Guyver Suit.jpg
865 x 1154 - 243K


  • This is so dope, loving All for One's mask :D. Prehaps post more angles and process pics of your individual 3D projects so that it's easier to critique the work? I'm talking angles, edit vs solid mode vs wireframe mode. I like how you put that mask in context by providing the figure aswell. Really awesome models though so far, what programme do you use?
  • Thanks I'll keep that in mind :) I use Zbrush.
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