Black Otaku - SOS (Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Windows Phone)




Black Otaku - SOS
"Culture brought to you proper only from small business"

A new twitch-action shoot 'em up for Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and Windows Phone.

It's R85,00 ... it is what it is, small business looking to build a name for itself among gamers, where every single individual sale and your word-of-mouth helps. It's buy once on any device, download and play on all devices.

Hope you like.

Direct Link to store:

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  • Could you share a gameplay video? I didn't have much luck looking for one on YouTube.
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    @mattbenic here's a video from their website:

    My feedback:

    - The animation / gameplay in the video comes across as almost slow motion and just... slow. I'm not sure if this is due to limited animation keyframes, the pace not set at a high enough rate, or a combination of these factors.

    - The "trailer" video is like, 10 minutes long. Not sure it sells the game instantly. I've been on here long enough to listen to feedback and I've done 10+ videos/trailers over time, and I'm STILL working on getting it right, after two+ years of development.

    - I'm having some trouble understanding the dialogue in written form.

    - Overall, I think this is more at a prototype stage, and you will probably get a lot of benefit by first doing a few rounds of feedback, working on polishing the game more, and then eventually publishing it when the majority of people are sending you some praise or good signals / feedback. I don't think publishing the game, then linking it here, is the most beneficial approach to your endeavour.

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  • Def Sauce is a Toronto studio. So I guess the original post is just a spammed sales post.

    Pity if that's the case. The game/prototype is interesting (if pretty rough).
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    - thanks for the feedback
    - consider it a debut game like Commander Keen before Doom and Jazz Jackrabbit before Gears of War
    - hoping that it might appeal for fans of games like Metal Slug (run right and shoot will never die!) and give them R85,00 worth

    Xbox One version
    - if the cutscenes are slow and choppy on first play right after install, just quit out and restart the game ... the cutscenes will be nice and smooth after that

    - it is what it is, a little bit of this, a little bit of that
    - indie studio that needs to get it's rep up
    - yes from Toronto, with some perspective of the greater African diaspora

    "The game/prototype is interesting (if pretty rough). "
    - thank you very much
    - hope you give it a try

    Direct Link to store:
  • Thanks @mgeorgedeveloper. So just from the video:
    -The art style is really interesting
    -Agreed on the comments above about what seems to be sluggish/slow motion animation, is this specifically for the sake of the trailer or is it the actual gameplay?
    -Just within the trailer, there seemed to be a lot of room for more variety in enemies and in audio. The death groan of the standard enemies was already getting really repetitive in that clip
    -This may be an intentional tribute to a music/audio style I'm just not familiar with, but I found the narrator really hard to hear over the music and background vocals
  • mattbenic
    - for the Informative Trailer, that is the Xbox One version speed. It is also a ballpark for the PC speed depending on the computers specs

    - for the rest, thanks for the feedback
    - art is subjective, so i gotta take it for what it is ... feedback
    - i have respect for your opinions and again, appreciate the feedback

    Direct Link to store:
  • I dig the art style. characters look awsome
  • "I dig the art style. characters look awsome"

    - thanks Kulu
    - hope you give Black Otaku - SOS a try
    - it is what it is, a studio's debut game that has to build a name for itself, and every individual like, try and word-of-mouth counts

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