[Project] Dungeon of the Endless

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First off "DotE" is not what I want, but that isn't today's challenge for me.


The progress so far:

As you can see in the image above (and below) I am currently making grassy patches and a direct line between them. I have a long list of TODOs and an even longer list for what I would like to before "version 1".

I am currently challenging myself to try and make some art but it will take me months to be happy with it, I can, however, share (lower down) where I used "tutorials" and "documentation".


How the game should eventually look:

We as humans found out something that is slightly fascinating (but most dangerous) for us to adventure in. The year is 1358, they seem to still be a few years away from successfully creating the firearm (which is roughly a new word for us, as it hasn't been seen worldwide yet). We have decided to be "adventurous", a "rift" opened in our back garden so we dove in. It seems that we didn't realize that we cannot go back. How did the scientists actually find these portals they call "Endless" portals go to different dimensions in the first place? Well, with my dagger that I thankfully brought with we will have to see how we can move back to Earth eventually.

This is roughly the roguelike construct in mechanics but I am working on making it "adventurous". The plan is to make each "seed" I used in the generation take you through several completely different levels of the "Endless". The reason I work with "seed" mechanics is I want people to be able to share the seeds they find with friends who can also play them. Each seed will have different difficulty levels bound to each level of the dungeon, and each will be a different number of levels to succeed and "get back to Earth".

On the other side of the mechanics, you will find "magical" items in certain cases, you will also work out how to use "magic" from these "Endless" realms, to share a few. I'm roughly looking at DnD mechanics (with my own slight adjustments) for what I implement in gameplay, however, I am adjusting them in the way that the "death" in the game is not a crit (or crit fail) constantly while playing. The seed of a world will be a set Random seed (so worlds of the same seed generate the exact same things), the mechanics (i.e. like dice rolls for attacking) will have the logic wrapped. Therefore in certain cases on every seed, there will be "wonderous" items (e.g. Binding of Isaac - the secret rooms) that give you something completely random that is in the game (it also won't be bound to seed) as that can add a (hopefully) mysterious element.

Versions: (in descending order I hope)

- Dungeon of the Endless – Progress 1 - a look at my thoughts, ideas, and some of the code adjustments I did for this. Note, this is now MonoGame cross-platform so I can use my sluggish linux laptop.
- v0.0.1 Dote.rar - shown in these screenshots, {WASD} move camera view, {q} snap vision for character centered, {up, down, left, right} move the character ONLY if you have vision of the char. (This was the beginnings of the map so I can start implementing the gameplay mechanics somewhere. A single square would be worthless).

Tutorial and Documentation I used:

- Introduction to pixel art for games: I basically (mostly) used the steps and tried my best to make the initial character look decent. I feel his body is slightly too small but that will be adjusted in the future as I think of how I want things.

Personal Side:

- This is starting as I want to challenge myself to finally work through and finish a project again. It turns out it's relaxing for the project to be a game. So, stumbling through my old documents (and the docs my friends made for projects) I feel like I have an "easy" challenge to give myself. This happens to be that challenge. I am also trying to stick to certain rules, and I would like to remind myself to post updates "as I see fit" - I currently pick it up "to relax" a few times a day. If it helps me relax I figure I should take it a step further for the effort I am putting in (sharing it and the progress)
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  • Keep it up!
  • I thought the name sounded quite familiar. The number of games with "dungeon" in their title is rather numerous, it's difficult to be unique there ;)
  • I'm at the stumbling block for the next share, I just need to finish a simple todo list, I'm getting there though.

    For the "dungeon" - literally can't think of much to replace it with :P
  • The name is not very important at this stage of course, but some ideas instead of dungeon, trying to take your theming into account: realm, labyrinth, dimensions, plains, islands, caves, world
  • I've finally managed to update it, though the mechanics aren't worth sharing.

    What are people's thoughts from what I share here?

    Mostly, it was moving to cross-platform, adjustments to art, and beginning the complex mechanics I am dreaming of.


    I feel it looks better as "more pixely", and I am slowly but surely working through the hound's body, then can give him some fur.
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