[PS4] 'n Verlore Verstand. Our first PlayStation 4 game!

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Hi everyone,

We finally released our first PS4 game, 'n Verlore Verstand, on Tuesday 12 June and we just wanted to share it with the makegamessa community.


Here's a bit more info on the game:

In 'n Verlore Verstand you will be transported to a reality of dreams and nightmares. What will you discover about yourself in this journey through the subconscious?

In these realms of the unknown, you must travel through labyrinths of memories to eventually find your way to your own truth.


-Abstract adventure.
-Engaging dream-like environments.
-Mysterious puzzles.


Website: http://skobbejakgames.com/n-verlore-verstand/


'n Verlore Verstand is also available on Steam and Xbox One.

Would love to hear what everyone thinks or if anyone has any questions?
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  • Hey There, I haven't experienced any of the game except through the trailer, but reading your short explanation of the game's intent to explore the mind and oneself the only element of the game-play I'm getting from the trailer is that we are exploring and not the direct link to exploring the subconscious. I'm also curious as to how you decided on the feeling of platform as well as player movement of the game-play because given the intent of the game i would assume an inner journey might be wrapped in a slower pace with the player gradually coming into realizations (of course that's just bias though). I like the contrast between the spaces and their atmospheres as well, but Im not seeing the link between game-play.

    To close, just from the trailer the game seems alright if not lacking in my opinion, and I don't think as someone who is not invested in exploration games that the game-play displayed would tempt me to take a dive into your game. I would, however like to say congratulations and well done on finishing and releasing your game! Game Design is no simple or easy task so you should take away that achievement on top of anything else received thus far.
  • Congrats on your console launch :) Gameplay wise, is this basically a walking simulator/first person platformer? That's what I'm getting from the trailer.
  • Some feedback for the sequel :)

    I would have liked to see a slower pace with a lot of slightly strange visual effects / particles / mood going on. I also imaging looking directly at some of these floating blocks, making them automatically move into a new position, and having to use "look at" to solve certain lightweight puzzles in order to progress.
  • @Sigh_Leeeee Thanks so much for the compliments and the honest feedback, we truly appreciate it. The game's main gameplay mechanics are platforming, puzzle solving and exploration.

    In terms of how gameplay ties in with the theme and meaning of the game, the exploration and platforming are used to give the player a sense of identifying and overcoming obstacles which is compounded by the abstract environments, giving the player the feeling of a world in disarray that needs to be figured out. The puzzle solving then accentuates the need and feeling of wanting to make sense of this world and creating your own interpretation to the meaning of it all in the process.

    However, we are still busy learning how to express ourselves in not only aesthetics/audio but also in gameplay design, as well as how to not only bring our ideas to light but to also turn it into engaging gameplay. I feel like we do still have much to learn, but with helpful feedback form awesome people like you we should be able to improve ourselves with each game we make.

    Thanks again for the support and feedback, it helps us immensely :)
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    @mattbenic Thanks, really appreciate it! Yes, it's a "walking simulator" but with a bit more meat on the bones in terms of gameplay. With platforming, puzzle solving and exploration elements we can add a bit more excitement and interactivity to a weird and interesting world, without having the player just walking around aimlessly. Thanks again for the support and interest :)

    @mgeorgedeveloper Thanks so much for the feedback, those are great suggestions for a sequel (or if we decide to make a similar game). We do have lightweight "look at" puzzles in the game, although they arent present in the trailer, the specific suggestion of the "look at" moving blocks is pretty cool too and something we didnt think of actually. We are also learning and improving a ton with each game we make, and will be sure to improve the visuals and presentation with each new game. Thanks again for the interest and the feedback, it really helps us a lot :)
  • Congrats on completing and releasing a game! Any chance you could give some info on current sales - I know that the Adventure Game (?) genre is small, but have a very strong following who are underserved with games.

    I do think that the scene with the city could be made much better with another stab at lighting - or perhaps some heavy fog to 'hide' the emptyness of it.

    Out of curiosity were you one of the teams who went with the South African trade mission to GDC?
  • I really like the surrealism. For me, that's what games are all about, exploring new worlds of the imagination. Lekker stuff.
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