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    Completely random note, but these things are called "Shock Diamonds".
    They are caused due to shock waves bouncing around inside the exhaust fumes creating areas of high (hot) and low ("cold") pressure.

    It's also one of the coolest names for a natural phenomenon :D
  • @MoruganKodi nice rapid progress. I don't want to give feedback too soon, because you probably already have a long list of daily things planned so I would just be stating the obvious. I like 0:45 where ridiculous amounts of bullets start flowing.
  • Something I think is interesting here that I don't see a lot of in Bullet Hell games is that you can shoot projectiles... making your attack both defensive and offensive.

    (Maybe I'm massively in Bullet Hells, but this seems like an interesting avenue of exploration/differentiation to me)
  • Looking good. Can't wait to try out the demo.
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    If I can make a fairly arb suggestion: Since you're already in "desperate enough to try anything" mode, already busy building a game, and already posting videos of the game as it develops, consider actually doing some narrated videos of your work process. You could be turning this into a series on building your games, that may actually grab someone's interest. This could be positive for a couple of reasons:
    -You'd be learning new skills in communication and creating the videos
    -You'd be building an archive of your progress to look back on, which can be super motivating
    -It's a long shot, but if you do manage to gather enough interest, perhaps there's some ad revenue in it for you
    -It's something to set you apart from other developers
  • @MoruganKodi Looks awesome so far. It's definitely hard, that's for sure. So to preserve some self esteem I won't mention score :D

    Some very initial thoughts/suggestions:

    1) The UI at bottom could be a bit larger. I found it a bit hard to read. Maybe just old age on my part.
    2) The lerp speed between ship position and mouse pointer can be increased. I felt like I lacked a bit of ship control.
    3) I would like if my bullets didn't collide with incoming projectiles. (would make it easier though, so it's down to personal taste)
    4) Code in void Update() somewhere... "if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape) Application.Quit();" :-D

    Thumbs up, I like. Will play some more...
  • I played a little, some thoughts are below.

    [-]Have no idea why the game is over 500MB when extracted, for the amount of content I was expecting less than 100MB.
    [-]Like your UI at the beginning and the ship status indicator in the game, all those stats are juicy, however the in-game UI is a bit too small.
    [-]Music is fine, it adds a lot to the game.
    [-]With the first weapon the game is very slow, it took me a while to get an upgrade.
    [-]Player bullets shouldn't die when hitting another bullet, or they should destroy a bullet that they hit.
    [-]Because of the bullet destruction, it's smarter to just let some enemies pass rather than engage them.
    [-]You could bind some abilities or functions to [WASD], the left hand is just sitting there doing nothing.
    [-]There wasn't really anything besides the KM counter on the top pulling me forward, I died at around 3.5k left.
    [-]Indicating which ships carry upgrades would be great, make them glow or shoot special bullets.
  • Made it past the mini boss. Yeah baby! 3614 km... then there was some void sucking happening :D
  • Well...... Unless you're zooming way in to your models and scenes, a lot of that MB is completely wasted - 500MB is not trivial for most people if you're asking them to test your prototype, with each update, especially. I would look for a way to not include full resolution stuff with your builds. Isn't there a way for Unity to build with smaller textures than the original assets? I'm sure there is?
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    Unity won't include assets unless they are referenced in a scene. We have many many GB of sounds, textures, etc., around 15GB at least - but the game build is 700MB.

    (If you placed all your assets in the Resources folder, they will always be included in the build, which is probably not the outcome you want.)
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