Jump Ship - Lofi Hiphop

Yo all, so I've really been getting into the sounds of lofi hiphop of late and just wanted to share some sounds. Really loving the genre. I'll link some below in case anyone would like to use this aesthetic for a game in the future.

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  • The way you got the aesthetic down is really dope =']. I guess you have another Genre down in the bag of tricks. Ambition on youtube also has a stream with music people send him and he puts on the radio. Might be worth considering.

    If you have time Eevee is one of my favourite Lofi Artists. The song "Soap" is especially cool.
  • Thanks Sigh leeee! I have been sending it to some of the channels. Chilled cow and the like but no reshares as yet but I keep looking for new places to send it. I will check out Eevee for sure. Thanks for listening :)
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