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Hi MGSA! Greetings from Team Lazerbeam!

We've recently started work on our next project; Split Ends. It's a collaboration between our game band, and a US music band called The Superweaks. They've recorded 6 songs, and we're making a series of 6 inter-connected games, featuring those songs. The songs, and games will be released via online platforms, and as a limited run of custom USBs. We've not yet announced the project publicly, but with things starting to come together, we thought it'd be cool to share it with the local community and get some feedback.


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Controls: WASD and space;

Current state of the game:
* With this build we're stoked to share the "New Year" and "Paperperson", the first 2 of the 6 games that will make up Split Ends.
* Audio across the project is still very rough. @Jaysynth still needs to work his magic across both games, adding in new songs to full silence, refining sound effects, and generally making stuff sound awesome.
* New Year; Still some space to tweak how vignettes are stitched together and refine how each of them work. Audio is a big one here, but otherwise we're happy with this as a way of setting things up!
* Paperperson: As well as sound design, this one needs quite a bit of animation work, particularly for the player character. Backgrounds make use of a lot of placeholder art, that we'd like to refine.


Here's what we've got left on our to do list:

Sound design and additional music for everything.
Reformat to different displays. The game currently only plays at full-screen 16:9, but the final thing should scale that down to sit on different screen sizes.
Add an option that allows people to quit.
Establish controls - deciding how best to do this, but got some cool ideas for how to familiarize players with the game's controls.

New year:
Transitions and flow need attention.
Rework mechanics for transition from blob to human form.
Set up conversation with Momdad better.

Animate player character. Rework backgrounds for excite-bike and scenic vignettes.


What kind of feedback are we looking for?
We're keen to hear any thoughts anyone might have on the games, but there are a few specific questions we'd also like answered:

Did you pick up on any bugs or performance issues?
Is the main character's overall objective clear?
Was it clear what you're trying to do at different stages of the game?
How'd you dress up? Send us screen shots!
What's your favourite kind of meatball?

Thanks in advance to anyone who gives the game a go for us! We hope you enjoy it!

Team Lazerbeam



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