Prototype: Fixify [Freelives Deception Jam, 2x8 hrs]

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Fixify is a short narrative experience which parodies a tech startup's slack and the intrigues which occur within. The experience is from the viewpoint of a new female employee. Fixify was made during Freelives Deception Jam.

Link to the (web based) game:


Gory Technical details:
- Bonus irony: Was created using web development tools (
- Dialogue uses the excellent ink scripting language (used to create 80 days)

I was quite happy with the scoping. The presentation of the game admittedly played to my strengths in some respects (though writing interactive narratives is somewhat new territory for me).

I think an interesting aspect of the game is the way that it allowed for (simulated) intrigue through the use of private and public conversations.

On of the technical challenges that I didn't quite get right in this prototype was being able to represent true multi-channel, simultaneous dialogue. Think if I had to do something similar (maybe not necessarily presented in the same way) would likely break each channel up into one or more individual subplots and use some sort of hierarchical state machine to allow for an overarching narrative.

The writing could also be improved too. Right now the characters a more caricature than anything else.

Would like to say again thanks to the free lives crew for the great venue and support.
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  • Loved this @NickCuthbert! A very cool idea, very well executed. Lot's of great humour i nthe writing and options offered to players.

    I think you're onto something cool here and should make more things like this!
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  • Thanks @BenJets means a lot :)
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    I really love this theme, and I think the chat in private versus chat in public dynamic is really interesting. It feels to me like especially fertile ground that I (personally) haven't seen explored before (though my knowledge of this story telling space is a bit limited). I think there's something quite novel here that could work as a larger experience.

    Any intention to take this a bit further?
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  • @EvanGreenwood: Not sure about this exact form, but definitely would like to explore the mechanic more. If kept in a facsimile of slack, would like to incorporate more multi-media. Worried if it were longer it may get a little tedious otherwise.
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