[Prototype] Jelly Shot ( Not the Drinking Game )

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Hi Guys

So I started another prototype. On this It seems I feel that I can make something from this(Again). A little Jelly Shot LOL.
If you are a 2D Artist that want to work on this with me. Please do contact me. I am not the best artist around.

Here is the link to play. I would love your feedback and Ideas on this. More on the physics of the player. I know the level design is bad.
- Click on on close to the player to pull back and aim. Release to fire.
- Light Grey block is like a nonstick pan. No Sticky sticky for you.
- Dark Grey is Normal surface, Player does try to stick to it.
- Orange Objects are super sticky. ;-)

It consist of 4 levels and a final Fun house level.
Find the exit of the level


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  • This is so rad! I genuinely love this concept. And I think you've done a great job on the jelly feel and splats so far.

    - I think you need something less abstract to show what you can stick to. Orange makes sense, because you're orange. But there should be something more obvious than different colors of grey to know if you can stick. Also, if you do keep the greys in some form, naturally I'd expect dark grey/black to be the non stick one.
    - Please lock the mouse in the webgl player. I keep dragging out and selecting the whole box.
    - You seem to center the camera on the position where you're dragging, which doesn't make sense. As a player if I'm dragging down I want to see more up (to where I'm going to fly), not down.
    - When flying is the camera looking at the center of the creature? It feels like it is off center slightly because when the player is spinning the camera wiggles around.
    - Double jump implementation is really cool
    - But double jump feels a bit OP though since it resets when you bounce off a wall. So for instance in the level with the spinning wheels you can just go up the left. I don't know what you plan, but it seems to me like double jump shouldn't reset when bouncing off something, but should reset after a successful stickening.
    - When you start a drag it would feel cool if the whole game went into slow motion (with a veeeeeooooowww slow down sound) until you let go.

    (Jelly Shot/Semblance crossover game next plz, thx)
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  • @roguecode
    Thanks for always giving your great comments.

    I really tried to nail the jelly physics.Glad you like it. The colors of the platform. They are just placeholders from the free 2d proto unity store. My luck was in cause it came in the 3 colors.If I find a 2D artist willing to help.... I would be over to moon. I will go and look into the slow mo more. Had it in mind but had issues. Great point on the double jump. Also I know I have alot of camera work to fix up. Thank you again for the time.

    I am aiming to get this playing on Mobile. That addictive one handed pick up and play game.

  • Hi Guys

    Update is live on the same link. Worked on Camera. So when aiming the camera looks ahead to where your aiming.
    The airshot only reset after your player sticks for a short time. No Spamming that anymore.
    Played around with gravity modifier only affecting the player. Just a basic new level added to show that.
    @roguecode thanks for the tips

    Trying to keep the controls basic. I am aiming to create a Puzzle/Adventure like env for this.
  • Maybe give the player a Jelly selection to play with
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