[Prototype] Deeper (Another Infinite Runner Mobile Game)

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Hi Everyone.

I've been creating a Small Infinite Runner Mobile Game (Android)
Its primary purpose for existence was to test new Ideas I've had.

However During Testing I found the game Quite addicting and as Such I have decided to share it with the world.
It is for Android only and Can be downloaded here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am5rwdgak45d4S21qm7A8DaVLec7

Here are some Screenshots:

and a video of me completely failing at playing my own game (The Device was lagging due to the screen recorder)

If you give it a try please leave a comment with any feedback/impressions you have.
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  • I personally enjoy endless runners and this game has great potential. I like the idea - it is simple, yet works well with this genre of game. I also find the colour scheme pleasant, the music very jammable, and the controls pretty easy to get used to. Another small and not very technically significant (but in my opinion deserving of appreciation) is the fact that the aircraft changes every time you have to restart.
    Things that I didn't particularly enjoy about the game were: a) the striped environment. The fast movement combined with the speed, turning of the tunnel, and contrasting colours make the game really disorientating and overwhelming. That may just be my own experience, but it is user input nonetheless. b) the high starting speed makes it extremely difficult to get anywhere in the game - my highest score was about 75.4m and at that point I became frustrated.
    A few things that could be done to improve the game include starting slowly - this will allow the user to fully understand the controls and the gradual increase will provide more user satisfaction as higher scores will be achieved, gradually changing the colours throughout the game (perhaps this is something you've done but I haven't gotten there yet), and decreasing the contrast between the lines on the tunnel walls and the main wall colour to make it easier to focus on the game.
    Question: would you consider creating either a separate game or a sequel to this one with a more interesting environment, for example space or deep underwater?
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Hi @liliyavp thanks for the feedback and sorry I'm only replying now.
    It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to make any changes to the project but I definitely see what you are saying about the speed and the disorientation, The design of the tunnel is meant to give a sense of high speed but I will look at another way without being too confusing to the user.

    As to your question about the environments my original plan was (And still is) to make the game into a sort of collectathon where you can also collect a currency in runs which can be used to purchase themes, possibly even add ship customisability, (the asset I'm using is modular so I just used a few designs and rotated between them)
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