A puzzler game I'm working on

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I'm building a small puzzle game ( thats probably been done a million times before,but hell,whatever)I'm using python and the pycap framework (http://www.farbs.org/pycap.html) to get a prototype up and running .Which I then plan to port to XNA and C#.

The premise:
The player is represented with switches that need to be activated by shockwaves from placed bombs .Some switches require simultaneous shockwaves to strike it at the same time.(requiring the player to place the bombs at specific locations on the map).

Expanded ideas:
-walls that deflect shock waves.
-walls that slow down shock waves.
-walls the speed up shockwaves.
-walls that delete shockwaves.
-limited number of bombs per puzzle.
-timing mechanism to set of explosions.
-bombs that are set off by other bomb's shockwaves.

Sound good? Please If anyone has any suggestions then please post here .I havent even gotten out of the "ideas" phase.(just started building the basics for the game).I'm trying not to use game maker(it would be easier)because I want to expand my toolbox of available game building tools for future.(hence sticking with python as it's quite easy to use)


  • I like the premise of this. Just thinking in terms of physics waves travel through different matter at different rates, so slower through air faster through liquid, and fastest through solids.

    It is also possible for waves to cancel each-other out. So you could have a puzzle where two switches must be hit, but one must not. So the player must use cancellation for that.


    One thing I have to ask is how does the player interact with the world. WASD to move LMB to place bombs, and RMB to detonate is the first thing that comes to mind. I think an outline of player interaction could help with the feedback.
  • I was thinking instead of an in game avatar ,but rather just placing bombs with the LMB (with a slider dial to change bomb timings) and the either SPACE/RMB to detonate.
  • Awe :( I was totally looking forward to the ways I could 'accidentally' kill myself with shockwaves. I think the basic concept is solid, and it really comes down to how you create the puzzles.
  • I suppose I could work that in ,but at the moment its just another layer of complexity added.Maybe further down the line when actual gameplay is added (hopefully later tonight :P ) then I'll start working in a Player character.
  • So when can we expect a prototype?
    DO IT!
  • When DayZ stops distracting me :P .hopefully this weekend i'll have a playable prototype showcasing some of the ideas.
  • @oldtimerza We will hold you to that :P especially because at the meet you said that when you went home you were going to work on it some more!
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