Planning for MakeVR meetup in Pretoria

Hi all! So we've been talking a while about getting a VR meetup going, and so here we are: We've found a really cool venue in the form of the TUKS VR lab that has three Vive setups, that means peeps who want to show off Vive content wouldn't have to lug all their setup around! They even have the facility to project the VR view for others to see. So it's really ideal for showing VR :D

What it looks like:

We want to chat about these now:
1. Who're all interested? Are you? Do you know someone who might be? Connect!
2. Which regular day might work best? The lab has its own schedules that needs to be maintained but we'll work out the best possible for as many as possible.
3. What do you want to hear/see on the agenda?

The goal is to make this a regular monthly thing. It's gonna be great. The best. Make VR Great Again :P


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