[Prototype] Pong with curve balls

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Just a quick prototype of pong with curve balls.
When the paddle hits the ball with a certain momentum the ball will curve.

I haven't implemented any scoring system yet, as I was just testing the curve mechanic. So when the ball flies out the room you'll need to press R to restart.

Up and down arrows to move
Space to serve
R to restart


Windows: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UO4xvJxdIxdWHyPcDAo7auWYgwGkPTTc/view
Html5: http://flobargames.com/curve-ball-pong/
634 x 472 - 1M
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  • Looks like a pretty neat skill shot version of Pong. Is there anything else you're planning on doing with it (maybe pushing it even further in this L33T MGL PRO Gamer competitive direction?)

    Pong is a tricky game to be making in 2017... though I do whether a new "spin" on it could capture some imaginations :)
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  • @EvanGreenwood thanks, I'm glad you like it.
    Besides the trick shots I have an idea that'll add a nice twist to the original pong. A campaign / story mode. Similar to the movie 'Balls of Fury'. You'll get to meet interesting characters and talk smack at each other before and during the match. Each opponent will have different abilities and skill sets.
  • A game with a skill component like this will need finer controls than keyboard, to go faster and slower. I would suggest more analogue controls like mouse or analogues tick or touch. And look up stuff that has similar sort of skill feel, like Lethal League.

    I feel like I've seen this mechanic before but I can't be sure, and of course googling the terms just gets you tutorials on spinning ping pong shots :)
  • I really like Wizorb as an example of a game that took a retro game and turned it into an adventure:

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  • @Tuism I added the curve ball mechanic just to add a new spin to the original game. My main idea was more based around a story mode (not in the prototype) I was thinking about adding. But I'm not sure I'll be continuing with this game anyway. Just wanted to try something out. Thanks for the feedback though.
  • I saw the curve ball mechanic in a game called... well... Curve Ball. :D http://www.curve-ball.org/play-curve-ball/ (needs Flash). It was a game I played in high school back in the early 2000s. It had its own challenges trying to make Pong into a 3-dimensional game instead (so that the curve was happening along multiple axes).

    What you've got is pretty cool! The trail on the ball's neat! (It really looks like it's caused by a slow refresh of my monitor, rather than just some generic trail.) A Balls of Fury-styled pong game sounds pretty funny! :D
  • @flobar, any chance you played the pong game at AMAZE a couple months ago. I found the concept really intriguing, and it was probably the game I played the most there.
    Basically, it was a world made up of pong rooms, and you navigate the level by beating each room.
    CGPadmin said:
    Game developers are paid 10% royalty fee
    10%? Are you for real?

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