Akromah's Tale

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giff thoughts - action adventure fantasy

still a long way to go before it is complete.


  • Hi there, we're a game dev community, that means we're interested in hanging out with people who make games, and talk about game dev things. If you have a demo, some gameplay, etc, that you'd like feedback on, we'd be happy to jump in, just share it here, and we'll be happy to engage.

    What we're not is a target for marketing - people here are unlikely to be the target audience for your game, so dropping links then disappearing to try to attract a following away from here is unlikely to be of much use to your bottom line.

    Cheers! Hope to see more of your work here, it looks interesting, but there's not much to feedback on from what I can see.
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  • So this looks really interesting from the teasers and in-progress work you have shared on your FB page. The art style is cool, and I'd be interested to know more about the game AND whoever is making it. So please, add some media and a bit more info to your original post :)

    @tuism is right that we're not a good place for marketing, but I get the impression that you do actually want to get some feedback. He makes a good suggestion requesting a demo and or a video that shows some gameplay (rather than the teaser clips).

    (oh and also, please don't start multiple threads about basically the same thing ;) just add to your post here, it makes it easier for people to follow and for you to keep all feedback in one place.
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