Game Development on Yo TV

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Just stumbled on a program on Game Development on Yo TV on SABC 1! Tune in to watch


  • Firstly: Yo TV is still around O_O

    Secondly: I only caught the tail end of the segment where the presenter was talking about the Sims, I was rather put off by just that though. There didn't seem to be any sort of backing knowledge to what they were talking about.

    Any chance you could post about what they talked about, and if any of it was related to game development in SA?
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    I joined about half-way. They interviewed an SA Developer, I didn't catch which company he was from (I think it was Luma though...) His name was Henk (but not Henk from the CT Meet-ups).

    Henk talked a little about what goes into making games (it is far more complicated than people think), important skills for Game Dev (Maths and problem solving) and how he got into game dev. Very little talk of the local industry (I think), no mention of any communities. The non-henk stuff was poor to say the least. :(

  • The only Henk that I can think it would be is from Open Reset who are working on Bounty Arms.

    *pokes @Elyaradine * any chance you can check with Henk. Would be interesting to hear what happened.
  • Someone find this Henk and get him to sign up? ;)

    Anyone know if Yo TV puts their clips online or if they're available in archive form elsewhere?
  • I can check, but he's not exactly sociable. I don't really see him doing a TV interview. :P
  • Yyyyyyeahhhh.... I wouldn't have been Henk from O-R. Another Henk is @Henkasaur who is currently working for ICE. Not sure if he's on the boards here. Herman?
  • Turns out it was Henk from ICE (@Henkasaur). Apparently they just found him out of nowhere. I fully expect him to post here soon after me telling him about this thread ;)

    And 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .
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    Hehe, yeah the show aired today. It was for a show called DigiKnow.
    They wanted me talk to kids about what game development entailed and how I got into the industry.

    It was more a thing to inspire them into doing well in school and to better themselves, and so it had little to do with the local industry. (it was also very scripted and only 3minutes long)
    It was also shot a few months ago, way before makegamesa, otherwise I would have dropped the name most definitely.

    I will try and get the video from the show, since they did mention they will send it to me. But just a fair warning: It was dumbed down quite a bit, I was talking to kids. Seeing it today, I caught a few mistakes I made that I thought would have been cut... (you have been warned, and stuff :P)
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