Si realities : A digital science Lab

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Hi Guys,

I have been working on this project for sometime now, Si realities is a digital science lab that allows learners to perform science experiments and even take virtual trips to the world best science related destination. It uses augmented and virtual reality to provide the learners with great experiences that they could only imagine. The app is now available at Google Playstore[]. May you please download it, play around with it and give me any feedback/critics. if you want to collab, please let me know.
2560 x 1440 - 3M


  • Hey, the idea is neat, I have myself been thinking about making something similar, thing is for an idea like this to take off properly it needs a lot of polish, high quality artwork, accessibility and functionality. You need to do a lot more work on this to get it to a state where a school would use it. Some thoughts are below.

    [-]Main screen doodles look nearly identical to the buttons, maybe buttons should sand out a bit.
    [-]There are no instructions.
    [-]I couldn't view any model, presumably because it needs some printed markers, it's not mentioned anywhere in the app.
    [-]Info button only switches the info on, even when the model is not displayed and doesn't switch it off.
    [-]Looking at the screenshots, the models are somewhat random and offer no explanation of how they function.
    [-]Would be nice to have a menu to place the objects instead of needing physical media.
    [-]Would be nice if the models were interactive and thought something.

    Overall, the app looks very amateur like, not sure who you want to pitch this too, but to make any large impact with this, you will need a lot of polish and get it into a somewhat professional state.
  • Thank you very much Critic, I'm actually trying to use marker less functions so the app doesn't require the user to print markers.

    In terms of the pitch, I have already set few pitch meeting to attend from next week. I will definitely need help in polishing the app professional.
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