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  • Very nice. The only think that bugs me is the birds chirping happily in the background. I don't think it goes well with the dark atmosphere you're trying to create here. Otherwise good job.
  • @etiennea how did you get on kickstarter? Last time I checked they didn't support us in SA.
  • Can I suggest that you have a MUCH lower starting pledge? $300 is unrealistic for almost anyone to back in my opinion.
  • I think that running on multiple crowdfunding platforms is going to leave a sour taste in peoples mouths. It can also be a hard sell when focusing on just 1!

    I think that for something to succeed on Kickstarter nowadays it needs to be a lot more polished, even to the point of having a playable demo out.
    Demos get you YouTubers - and those are integral to any crowdfunding attempt.

    The truth is that gamers are going to compare your project to something like the Uncharted series or Tomb raider - and you have to set yourself apart from that by showing what game play they can expect from YOUR game.

    Are there any other similar games whos fandoms you can tap into? If its a 'strange new world' vibe - perhaps the MYST fandom, or people longing for an OUTCAST game could be interested?

    Also be a bit careful of promising multi platform releases. Console certification is a time consuming and expensive process.

    Crowdfunding is hard! My concern with this is that I don't know if there is enough being shown to give confidence in the project for it to make its goal. As a potential backer I would also be concerned that not enough has been completed for $28 000 to take the project from its current state to a final product.

  • to be honest, impressive
  • Have you ever read Stonemeier's kickstarter how-tos? This guy practically wrote the book (actually, literally) on how to do well at kickstarter based on his own experiences, he's run many many successful kickstarters and he has been very vocal and helpful with sharing his knowledge and experience. It's super good if you really want to get good at kickstarter - which might not cost money but a LOT of time, and we'd rather maximise our time.

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    Having a good product is only step 1 towards a successful end, that's the default. I've seen many beautiful-looking campaigns fail. It's the marketing and gathering an audience even way before the KS is launched that's the real key :)
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  • You'll find that most games aren't games that "everyone wants". In fact very, very, very very very few are.

    Especially in the world of indie games - indies don't go for making games everyone wants. Indies go for the super niche.

    You don't need a "huge" following, you just need "the right" following and "enough" following.

    To build that you need to show people some gameplay. Whereas you might not needed gameplay to show when KS first started, it has changed a lot since then, and every single successful kickstarter in the last few years started with at the very least gameplay footage, and very usually demos.

    People don't buy games (that's what KS is basically) without trying them first anymore, unless you have some other form of massive trust-base, like being already famous.
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