Top Down Shooter

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Started on this project a month or so ago, and I think it turned out to be a really decent build of what I wanted to learn and achieve for now, in GameMaker Studio.

It's a top down shooter that contains, a bullet reload system, enemy AI, fluid wall collisions, destructible environments (very simple though) and a stealth mechanic.

To do list: (As you can see, I have a lot of things that I want to do with this project)
*Replace place holder art
*Add particle effects
*Add feedback sound and music
*Add another AI state
*Add weapon variety
*Clickable menus :3
*Fix a certain wall collision

*Movement - WASD or arrow keys
*Aiming - Mouse
*Shooting - Space bar or Left mouse button
*Cover/Stand - E
*Reload - Q
*Restart - R
*Exit - Escape


Download Link: top down shooter.exe
1123 x 690 - 2M
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  • I liked the 3D graphic illusion for the walls..
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  • Doesn't work, I get a blank black screen.
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  • Hey, gave this a couple of plays, and there are some interesting things that are not immediately apparent when you play it.

    I liked how the walls were destructible, meaning you couldn't just camp out behind a wall, it forces you to move. I also really liked how the enemies kept firing at your last know location, giving you a chance to sneak around while crouched picking off targets one at a time.

    The line of sight mechanic is worth exploring a bit more. Maybe have double height walls that enemies can't see you through even if you stand up. Also give enemies a cone of vision so they only notice you when you're standing more or less in front of them. I'd maybe also put crouching and standing up on the Spacebar since it's one of the core mechanics (and needs quick and easy access).
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  • Hi @pieter,

    Thank you for the feedback, I'm going to add the double height walls to my list of things to add.

    I actually do have a cone of vision on the enemies but it just stretches off the room,
    I'll try and keep it smaller.

    I originally had "shoot" occupy the space bar because I don't have a mouse and it makes testing easier, but I'll make sure to change that before I release the next build.
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