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Hi. For anyone interested in looking at the stuff I've done over some of my years. follow the link above. Please comment or suggest points of improvement if desired.

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    Hi i just wanted to show my latest thingy that i learned. the above link will take you to a download of a "slime liquid simulation" that i did in 3D Rad.

    My application for this thingy , is to simulate interactive lavaflow , for a level Im going to be adding to a game I helping to make. I achieved this effect , by redirecting the bones of a rigged mesh to follow the position of rigid body objects. in this test the mesh has 9 bones and 9 corrisponding rigid bodies that they are directed to follow. the scripting part was pretty simple to undertand, but the effect was wonderful , once i got it to deform along the correct axis'

    use arrow keys left and right to rotate the grey box.

    All comments and crits welcome.
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