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Hi all,

We are a small company based in Cape Town that mainly converts large business processes of companies into interactive 3D applications and are looking for Unity Developers (predominately using the web player) to join us, be it per project or permanent.

You would need

[list= ]
[*] 1 Year Unity 3D development in C# preferably.
[*] 3 Years C# experience(inclusive to the above).
[*] Excellent problem solving abilities.
[*] Ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team.
Some JavaScript and web based experience would also be great. Any relevant qualification would not hurt either.

New projects coming up are:
[list= ]
[*] Multiplayer puzzle game regarding business processes using Kinect.
[*] 3D Web UI for a cloud services provider.
[*] 3D Interactive training project, related to business processes.
[*] 3D interactive process flows.

Cape Town based developers will be preferred, but other locations within South Africa will also be considered.

If you are interested and available. You can PM me or contact me (Klaus@tr3dent.com) and I can then supply you with further required information or setup a meeting.

Hope to see you
Klaus Gehring
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