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Unity Developer | Augmented Reality

Job Description:
Currently, our company is developing an augmented reality (AR) game that pioneers
the way forward by seamlessly introducing the use of Crypto-tokens and the Bitcoin
Blockchain into the core of the game's economy as a future standard of game development
and game assets.

Augmentors is an AR realtime battle game. The end goal of the Augmentors game is
to be a cross-platform (iOS & Android) AR mobile game that allows users to summon
creatures into the real world to battle against your friends and foes.

We are looking for a motivated senior software developer to join our team.
As an experienced developer, you will leverage your several years’ worth of
development experience to build an exceptional Augmented Reality gaming experience.

You will work closely with Project Management and QA to ensure both the quality and
the timeliness of the project, helping to monitor and track progress and ensuring
the development team is working as efficiently as possible, by foreseeing and removing
any hurdles before they arise.

You'll work with our artists and programmers to embed, adapt and extend our Unity3D
applications with all the native "bells and whistles" that make a world-class experience.

• Design and implement highly scalable C# applications and components for Unity;
• Designing interaction effects;
• Adding required functions and be able to add unity plug-ins to cater to product specs;
• Implementing UI;
• Client-server communication, particle systems, game logic, scripting, data collection;
• Ability to build iOS/Android apps/solutions with AR
• Developing responsive, customer-facing UI for the whole spectrum of mobile platforms
• Work with our creative team to evolve their designs into a beautiful app.

We are looking for developers who love to roll up their sleeves and get dirty with Unity3D.
We want you to assist with anything in Unity3D, including integrating textures, animation,
meshes, adjusting lighting, optimisation and audio integration to list.

The talents we are looking for are enthusiastic about technology, knowledgeable
about the latest and greatest technologies and platforms, and interested in building
advanced digital marketing tools.

Essential Coding Requirements:
• Ability to build iOS/Android apps/solutions with AR
• C# experience
• Be able to write clean, robust, testable code.
• Experience with Android & iPhone application development
• Collaborative skills including version control task/issue tracking.
• Knowledge of Unity3D and C# scripting, textures, 3D Models, animation, GUI styles, user session management, statistical analysis.
• Experience with Unity3D plugins such as Vuforia and Wikitude will be advantageous
• Experience with client-server communication, particle systems, game logic, scripting data collection, 3D models in scenes.

Preference will be given to candidates who have:
• Solid development experience (5 years or more)
• Prior experience with a phone camera and GPS applications
• Prior experience with Game development
• Examples of completed projects in Google Play or Apple App stores

Essential Personality Traits:
• Ability to multi-task and meet critical deadlines
• Quick to pick up new tools and systems.
• Self-motivated with a strong desire to learn and stay abreast of Unity developments/standards.
• Clear communication and presentation skills

For more information: www.augmentorsgame.com

This is a full-time paid position and the successful applicant will need to relocate to Cape Town for development.

Salary is negotiable and will be based on prior experience.

Please contact: michael@augmentorsgame.com

This application will close once suitable applications have been found.
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