Matthew Kerswill's Creative Work

Greetings! I'm Matthew and here is a quick showcase of some of my creative work.

To avoid long loading times, I'll just post preview images for most pieces. So, be sure to follow the links to see the rest.

3D Modelling & Rendering | Expressive Face

A posable bust of a boy with 14 facial expressions.

3D Modelling & Animation | Runner

An animated low-poly, hand-painted character.

3D Modelling | Underground Mine

3D models for an underground mine visualisation project. I found this job here on Make Games SA.

Level Design | Bunny Bash

I constructed the levels for DarkArts Studios' bunny-squashing deathmatch game using Unity and supplied 3D assets.

Level Design | Bike Trials

I constructed the levels for a physics-based obstacle course game using Unity and supplied 3D assets.

Level Design | Counter-Strike: Source

I've been interested in level design since I was a teenager. Here are some screenshots from a couple of older projects from back in the days when people used to play online games on community-run servers.

First, Dahshur City - my remake of LAzor's popular CS 1.6 map. If you used to play CS: Source on 'SGS' and 'IS' servers, then you probably played this map.
Second, Dustforce - an original map design of size similar to Dust 2.
If you're interested in seeing screenshots of some of my super-old maps, you can view the Level Design Legacy page on my website.

Graphic Design

From 2008 to 2013, I was employed as a Graphic Designer at a company called RightShift. During those 5½ years, I did user interface design for various Facebook games and mobile games. I also did web design, Flash animation, and a fairly wide variety of other technical art related stuff. Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me to save copies of any of my work for later use in my portfolio so I don't have much to show for that period. Here are some images that I managed to salvage from some files that happened to by lying around my home PC. These images are all related to one of the products I worked on called Clickfun Casino.

2D Art Gallery

Digital paintings made using various different software packages (Photoshop, PaintTool SAI, Krita, ArtRage).

More Info

The reason why I'm posting my portfolio here today is that I'm looking for work. I'm currently in need of greater financial stability so I'm mainly looking for permanent employment or multiple-month contract work. Of course, good freelance opportunities will still be welcomed.

To help paint a fuller picture of who I am, here are a few additional details about me:
  • I have a Diploma in Programming (with Distinction) from Varsity College (2004 - 2005). Since then, I haven't ever occupied a professional role where programming was my primary responsibility. I'm not confident enough to take on such a role at this moment but I'm interested and eager to increase my involvement in coding duties over time.
  • Last year, I gained proficiency in 3D modelling with Blender. I used an online training website called and that experience opened my eyes to the potential of online learning. I'm now eager to improve the scope and performance of my work by learning many more skills during my free time. Examples of items on my 'To Learn' list include Substance Painter and Designer, and Adobe After Effects.
  • I have a somewhat niche hobby interest in the application of Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) in video games. In layman's terms, this is 3D audio over headphones. I've been interested in this topic for 7 or 8 years now, and I've made several videos demonstrating some of the various 3D audio solutions that I've tested. I've also contributed bug reports and feature requests to several of these products. The makers of one such product (RealSpace 3D) use a demo app that I made as part of their official marketing material.

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to post any advice you may have about how someone like me can secure stable employment.



  • Can we pin this as an example of how to showcase your skills in a meaningful way? Great post, great work. The attention to detail in putting this post together adds an extra layer of employability, over and above the work itself. Best of luck!
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    Nice work, I played Dahshur Pro on I.S. for ages , much longer then I would like to admit. Loved that map
    Wide selection of great work
  • your work is pretty cool.
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