Hi everyone, I have a small team working on a 3D action RPG and am looking to expand the team. Development has started and I am offering team members royalty shares as payments as well as looking into investments to help pay the team later on. We are a hardworking team and are willing to accept anyone wanting to contribute. We have the stay of environments under development, the characters, the sound track, some programming has been done, a lot of lore has been written. The project is going to revolve around two main characters, which can be switched between by the player at any time, each with their own unique set of skills. The world is immersive and the lore is extensive. We're looking to expand our team in any way, whether art, programming or sound design, we're looking for new members. If you have more enquiries please do contact me. Collaboration is based on hacknplan.com for tasks and deadlines and discord is used for general discussions.The project has serious potential but at the same time is a fun and exciting learning experience. Hope to see you on the team,
Paul Dando
Please do contact me at pauldando21@icloud.com


  • Hi @dandoii, and welcome to the forum :)

    Is there perhaps a website, Twitter of Facebook page people can visit to get an idea of what the project looks like? Concept art and early gameplay always goes a long way towards enticing the right contributes. This is especially true if they are expected (at least initially) to work for free.

    Good luck with the project, hope to see some concept art and screenshots soon :D
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