3D Artist, 3D Animator, c# Front End Programmer, Illustrator and Graphic designer...for hire


As the title says, I'm experienced as a 3D artist, animator, programmer, illustrator and graphic designer. Here is a link to my portfolio if you'd like to have a look: https://hermannlagrangeportfolio.wordpress.com/

I received my qualifications at 'Prestige Academy' and 'UNISA'. I also attended the Cape Town University of Technology (known back then as Cape Town Technicon).

A basic summary of my work so far (you can see the fruit of my labors on my Blog site ;) )

3D animation:
I worked as an animator for Triggerfish in 2007, working on the pilot episode for a children's show for an American client. I also created numerous other animations in my spare time.

3D Artist:
In 2014 and 2016 I worked on a Vehicular based Simulation software (A lot like Microsoft's Flight Simulator, but more advanced). I created a digging vehicle and worked on another vehicle's interior. I also created an entire indoor swimming pool area. I have also created numerous other 3D assets in my spare time.

c# Programming:
In 2014 and 2016 I was involved in the front and back end programming of said Simulator program. I was also given the task of developing a VR, immersive training experience where a person could take control of a full sized, real time avatar that responded to actual body motions. This fully controled avatar could then interact with its environment, making it possible to train like one would train irl.

illustrator and graphic design:
I have extensive experience working in Indesign, illustrator and Photoshop, receiving tutelage from an experienced, lead Graphic designer at a successful British Branding and Franchise company.

Game Development:
I created some games in the past, though I will admit this is not my strongest skill set, as I have not dedicated myself to creating numerous games. I am too busy working or looking for work.

Well, there you have it. Please contact me if it sounds like I might be someone who you want to work with.
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  • In the market for a job at the moment, qualified as a 3D artist, CG animator and Graphic illustrator. Here is some stuff I worked on recently:

    1231 x 912 - 302K
    750 x 625 - 101K
    Golem Spoider_Finished02.png
    1352 x 1049 - 684K
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    Zombie01 001.png
    545 x 1169 - 121K
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