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Hi everyone!

Gosh, it's been a while since I've been here. I've been working as web developer of all things, which is crazy considering I'm qualified as a 3D artist and game logic programmer. Life is strange...I mean weird.

ANYWAYS, here is a link to my new, glittering portfolio:

To those who tried to contact me, I apologize for not reacting, been rather busy at work and life.
I am able and willing to do the following game development disciplines:

* c# Front end programming
* 3D modeling and texturing
* Graphic design
* Vector Illustration
* 3D animation (though I can do 2D rigged animation as well)
* Game design (Self taught)

I have work place experience in:
* 3D animation (character performances)
* 3D asset creation (digging vehicles for simulators)
* VR development (Operation of said digging vehicles in a simulator)
* Game QA (Quality assurance for a game project called "Future Leaders")

Let me know if these skill sets interest you.
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