Looking for a 3D modeler in the Pretoria area for part time work.

Not exactly game making however this is the perfect opportunity for any parties interested to get constant modelling practice and get paid for it too! I make 3D models for people who 3D print them, mainly props and armors, some organics too. I'm constantly flooded with work so I need someone to help me by making bare bones models, literally just the shape of what I need so I only need to up the polies and add the detail, doing this I'll be able to finish a lot more work and pay those interested handsomely.

The models would need to be in OBJ format for me to make use of them.
Payment is in dollars via Paypal.
Payment will be at the start of every new month.

If anyone is interested feel free to contact me on facebook or here, my name on facebook is Fabian Els (dude with the long hair XD)

I look forward to possibly talking to some interesting people!


  • Hello I am a 3D modeler however I only live in the Limpopo area, dont worry I am perfectly capable of such. You are free to check my portfolio at www.pictureillusion.co.za
  • Yo Fabian, sounds like you do some interesting work. Been working with 3Ds Max since version 2.5 and now finally doing something worthy of the software, check these out:

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