Looking for people to colab with on my and their games.

Hi guys, i think this might be my first post.

im looking for anybody with any skills to collab with me on a gaming project with unity for andriod. any skills which will benefit will do.

heres my linkedin where you can see some of the projects i've been on. i cant show all of them because of contracts but this has most of it.

most of then have been solely done by me. so i m very well rounded and can fit into anything such as C# programming , 3d modeling, animating , Photoshop, video editing. sound production, as well as IT and tech related stuff.

i m currently free at the moment. and if i can find enough people(or the right people) to work with then i'll put aside everything else.
my ultimate goal is to start a company with people who have the same passion like me for Gaming.
if everything pans out well hopefully we can get paid for it. and everyone is equal no bosses lol.

i m also willing to help others if the project is good.

So yeah guys... let me know



  • Well you won't find anyone, as south African indies don't even fill a bus. Unless its a payed job. As a game programmer myself, I have lot of friends who are programmers or computer scientists, but none of them can make games or are simply not interested, they just want that boring job at bank.

    So people you are asking for, are already involved with their own projects. So what are you going to offer them that is more valuable than their own projects?
  • @RockBorn: Do you have an existing thing you're working on, or some direction you want to take things? It's great that you seem to have a fairly wide array of skills, and some experience shipping some projects.

    Perhaps you could take part in some of the Cape Town game jams (I assume the monthly 8 hour jams are still going on), and find potential team members there if your personalities and skills match -- and even if you don't, it'd be a way to prototype possibilities for future games or something. :)
  • Hi Jerome.

    I’ve got a small group of engineering and computer science students (I myself am also a computer science student) who have some game ideas and are wanting to start development but would love an 3D artist to help us in our ventures. We’re working on unity and would love to work with you on our projects as well as your own.
    Contact me at pauldando21@icloud.com if you’re free.

  • Hi Jerome,

    I am currently developing a game called Grave Days and am looking to expand the team. You can see a pretty out of date version of the game here https://denzilb55.itch.io/grave-days

    The team currently has a dedicated artist for pixel art

    And a really good composer / audio engineer:

    I would like to share some of his work in progress but would need to discuss it with him.

    The game is made in Unity and has a fairly ambitious scope, but we have a very capable team, and are just looking for more programmers to help up speed the process.

    I unforunately have not been spending nearly as much time as I should on marketing and social media, so I don't have a recent game play video to show off. The latest I have demonstrates a weather system I had been working on (still using old art)

    PM me if you want a more detailed scope of the project.
    384 x 384 - 42K
    640 x 640 - 221K
  • Hi there ,

    Are you perhaps looking for a writer as well ?

    Regards ,
  • I have designed an entire universe for my games and have a series of games planned spanning multiple genres, each focusing on one of the main characters before finally coming together in multiplayer games and others where they go head to head with one another.

    Unfortunately, I commissioned the characters to be HIGHLY stylized cartoon-y but now I need them redone to be more like the characters in the Unity Blacksmith video.... i.e. definitely NOT cartoons :P If you ever find yourself with some time to kill and want to tackle creating characters of that level, hit me up and see how many still need doing (currently 5). I definitely won't say no to help :)


    As for helping you back, check out my website and see what products I'm selling. I have no problems sharing that with you. The bulk of your game making is taken care of right there :D I'm afraid I can't elaborate on that statement here without this post sounding like an advertisement but if you feel up to the challenge and think you can handle it, hit me up and let's chat...

    Till then
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