Coder looking to join a team

Hello everyone!

I've mostly lurked on this site, but decided to post this as I'm on the lookout to join a team.

Game development has and always will be a big passion of mine, but unfortunately most of the time I've gone it alone. I'd really love to work with others and I'm offering my coding services. I'm eager to work on projects in my spare time for free.

I have a lot of experience in programming and game development. I've been coding for roughly 13 years personally and 8 years professionally, currently a lead software engineer at my company. I'm most comfortable in C# and Java and love working with either Monogame or libGDX (please no Unity! I have a lot of bad experiences with it and in general I just hate how it works). I've done a couple of Ludum Dare games (4 so far at the time of posting, here's a link if you're interested: and also a few university game projects.

Please let me know if anyone is interested, thanks a lot!

Disclaimer: I apologize if I posted this in the wrong category. I'll update it if need be.


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