3D Environment Artist!

Hello all! My name is Marcello, a super passionate dude when it comes to games and the industry itself! I am looking to break into the industry as a 3D prop/texture artist and world builder! If you could please take a second to look at my ArtStation i would really appreciate it! https://www.artstation.com/artist/cello8080 Have a lovely day and thank you for your valuable time!
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  • great work!
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  • Really good work!

    If I had an open position I would def want to start a conversation with you. Infact you are welcome to pop by my office and we can chat anyway about the industry if you like.

    The ancient ruins zbrush - it'd be great to see the low poly / high poly versions side by side with wire-frame on lowpoly, as well as normal map example so I can get an idea of your understanding of that workflow. Also would be good to get an estimate on working time to create both.

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    thank you so much for the positive feedback guys! Shane, that sounds awesome, i would love to do that! i will send you a direct message or perhaps you could drop me your email and we can discuss further? Thanks again! @shanemarks
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