MGSA Online Jam #1- Frozen Up Ninja

F.U.N. - Frozen Up Ninja

So this is pretty much the first game I've ever made and also the first game jam I've taken part in. I've spent the last few months fooling around with Game Maker and decided this jam was a good opportunity to create a workable game from start to finish(or at least try).

I don't have much experience in pixel art or programming so this is a considerably primitive and basic 2D platformer type game. That being said, I did learn a lot making this (dealing with checkpoints, fading in sprites, parallax scrolling, etc.) and think game jam is brilliant way to push yourself (especially as beginner).

As the theme was "FUN" I decided to use it as an acronym, F.U.N (Frozen Up Ninja).

Basically you're a ninja that lost a battle by getting frozen in a block of ice and now you have to make it across the level (using your fancy ninjutsu of course) to reach the fire and melt yourself free.

Also wanted to ask before I submit to what the view is on using web sourced resources? For instance, the background soundtrack is just a track I pulled from the web. I assumed that would be okay for a jam?

Any feedback or criticism is most welcome and, in fact, encouraged!


Movement = Left + Right arrow keys
Jump = Space
Slow down objects = F

FUN - Freezed Up


  • Hey @SleepingSafari ,

    Nice to see a new entry. Welcome to the party :)

    I like the premise and it's quite a funny thing sliding around as an icecube.
    Wow, what an awesome start for your first attempt at game dev!

    Story... check.
    Hazards...check (Rotating blades, moving platforms, falling ice shards)

    The slow motion mechanic works wonderfully and I made it all the way to the fire :D
    It was easier when I just held F all the way to the end.

    You could possibly make it harder by having slow motion only available for a short period before it runs out and needs to recharge. It would add a sense of urgency to using it.

    I did not see any rules stating not being able to use any online resources? Maybe @MoonPanda can clarify?

    I'm just using anything and everything I can get my hands on to accelerate getting to the best possible end product as quickly as possible. Old prototypes, art, sound libraries, pathfinding etc.

    If that is against the spirit of this jam then I will most likely be disqualified :)
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  • Hi @SleepingSafari

    A very interesting approach to a platformer...
    With a team backing it I believe the concept could go far

  • Hey guys, thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated!

    @Konman Thanks, means a lot! Yes my thoughts exactly, some kind of depletable bar (maybe chakra?) that limits your "slow objects" use would be great addition and would definitely add much needed tension to the game! You could maybe even do a hardcore mode where moving depleted this bar too. Then you would have to carefully manage moving and slowing objects. Would make the game a whole lot more tactical though...

    @MoonPanda Awesome! Will submit to itch-io then! Yes, I agree this is a great learning curve. Would have loved to add own music but only got started on game this week and creating music quite time-consuming! Otherwise, other assets all my own creations :) One other question: I see we have to judge others' submissions. DO you mean give criticism here on MGSA or is this something that happens on

    @TiaanSmal Awesome dude, thanks for playing!

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