Attention, Mobile Game and App Designers!

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Hi everyone,

Do you have mobile games or applications you have developed, and want to sell them, but don't know how? Perhaps, you have great ideas for mobile games and applications, but are looking for a way to turn those ideas into material products?

If you are in this position, myself and my partners may be able to help you. We are a new mobile production company looking for independent developers with great ideas waiting to be developed and exposed to an international market. We have a unique opportunity to expose your apps to an international marketing contact who has relationships with some of the largest gaming and app companies in the world. We will be meeting with them in the last week of February to show them what South Africa can produce and we would love to opportunity to show more apps and games developed here. Please let us know by Friday this week if you are interested and come with a workable demo.

If you think you may be interested, and would like more information, feel free to contact me at:


  • Just for an added question (can help my project include mobile capabilities) what have you seen is the best way to develop mobile games? I've been going through a lot of Game Maker Studio, Unity (somewhat unfortunately version 3.X), XNA and attempts in other libraries (and will be posting today about my questions about them all) - what you offer is good for us as game developers when we need to get things going for the first time, but personally I would contact you if I got through this and actually wanted to start.
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